Language Arts Freebies

I am delivering some Free Literacy Resources for the K-5th Grade Classrooms. Scroll down to find the resource that is just right for you and your students. Click on the picture to take you to the blog post that explains about the freebie. You will be able to download your freebie from there. I am always updating and adding new freebies. Check back later to see new ideas! 

Free Vocabulary JournalFree Word Choice WorksheetFree Writing Process
FREE HFW WordsFree Readers OathFREE Cinquain Poem

Book Level PosterFree Friendly Letter Writing AssignmentWho What When Where and Why Poster Free Ask and AnswerFree Editing Marks FREE 6 Types of SyllablesFree Poster of the 44 Sounds of the English Language Plus More!FREE CVC CVCE WordsFree! Sound for _ed activiy Free Word Family BookletFREE Grammar Roll a Sentences GameFREE Contraction BingoFREE Plural Noun Poster with 8 Rules
Free Four Kinds of Sentences Posters4 Kinds of Sentences Posters Free Making ConnectionsHow to Study Spelling WordsFREE HFW AssessmentFree Prediction Lesson Base Words PosterFree Non Fiction Organizer  HFW GameFree Dictation Journal  Free Writing WorksheetFree Transition Words PosterReading Log with WritingFREE 20 Hour Reading LogZip Your Lips and Read Poster Free Would You Rather Meet a Fairy or an Elf?Long and Short PosterFREE Good Readers BookmarksFREE Vowel SongFREE Phonics Fusion Word List #1 FREE Past Present Future PosterABC Order Strips
Interesting Tidbits
Free Sequence Cut and Paste WorksheetFree Compound Words

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