Weekly Spelling Words

I have some great ideas using your weekly spelling lists for the elementary classroom. Incorporating your spelling words all week will help your students achieve better spelling scores and become better spellers. Here are some helpful teaching ideas to use with your Weekly Spelling Lists:
  • Write the spelling list on the chalkboard or chart paper. Display the list so all students can see and refer to the list at any time.
  • Read the spelling list together as a class. This helps students pronounce and say the words correctly. Saying the word AND spelling the letters aloud as a class can be helpful for some students.  
  • Discuss the meaning of each word with students. Help them provide definitions or sentences that indicate the meaning of each word.
  • Discuss the rule or specific spelling pattern of the words on the list. Use this to guide your teaching lessons.
  • Provide a spelling word list for students to take home. If students copy the list, make sure to check each student’s list to ensure they have spelled the words correctly. 
  • Transfer the weekly spelling words to your Word Wall or other special place in the classroom. This will keep students accountable and to keep spelling those words correctly all year long. By encouraging students to practice using the word wall, you help them integrate these words into other forms like vocabulary and speaking skills.
  • Repeat frequently misspelled words. It's okay to keep adding the same words to spelling lists over and over again. Many students need more than one week to study a word. Reviewing can be helpful for many students. 
  • Pair students up to quiz each other. Each student takes a turn saying the words as the other spells the words aloud or on a whiteboard. This is a fun classroom activity. It also gets them up and moving around. Plus, they like it. 
  • Administer a pretest. Students only need to study the words they missed. Then, administer a posttest each week to assess students’ learning and retention.
  • Spelling lists should include high frequency words (HFW). These are the words they see and use everyday.
  • If you use cursive, make sure the words are also in print. They can spell these words easier if they are in manuscript. The world does not write in cursive. They only see cursive in their classroom.
  • Keep your spelling lists short. K-3rd grades only need 10 words a week. This will ensure success for all.  
FREE How to Study Spelling Words Poster
Here is a FREE poster to help students study their spelling words! Practice doing the steps together as a class. Then, students will be able to repeat this process at home. Hang this poster in your classroom or send it home for homework. A black and white copy is included. Just click the picture on the left to download it.

Need some help with studying spelling words? Here are two packs that will help students study for their weekly spelling words. The task cards are easy to set up at a center and the worksheets are instant so you can send them home on a moments notice. The spelling games and centers pack is loaded with over 25 ideas for whole class games, 2-player games, or at a spelling center. Just click the pictures below to be read more about them.     

42 Spelling Task Cards
Spelling Task Cards are great for reviewing spelling words. There are 42 task cards included in this pack. You can see the bottom right picture of one of the task cards. Students choose a task card, a recording sheet, and their list of spelling words. The task cards give direction on what to do with those spelling words. When students write their spelling words a few times, they will begin to see the letters in the word and recognize it's spelling pattern. Click the pictures to see this product up close.   

Spelling Worksheets for a set of 20 spelling words is another great way to practice spelling words. Instead of task cards, all work is done on the worksheets. Students will need to write their spelling words on the worksheet. Make sure students are spelling their words correctly before sending these worksheets home for homework. Click the pictures below to be taken to my TPT store and read more about these Spelling Worksheets. These spelling worksheets ALSO come in spelling lists of 15 and 10 words. 

 Spelling Games and Centers
Are you looking for games to play using spelling words? This pack has a ton of games to play using the entire class or as 2 players. There are some fun classic spelling games and game boards for students to practice their spelling words in a fun way. Play these games with your students or set up a spelling center for students to play with partners. These spelling games will surely get your students to learn those spelling words!

HFW Spelling Lists
This High Frequency Words Spelling Lists have the first 300 spelling words students need to learn. The spelling lists only have 10 words on the worksheet. The students do a few things with those high frequency words. These worksheets focus on words that students need to know. Click the pictures below to be taken to my TPT store to learn more about these HFW Spelling Lists. 
Here are some fun games to pick up spelling skills. I linked them to Amazon to make it easy for you to view:
Bananagrams Spelling Game
Spelling Puzzles for Young Students
CVC Spelling Game
Scrabble Jr.

Happy Spelling!
See you soon,



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