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To be a good reader, you will need to ask and answer questions as you read. Students should be continuously asking questions at the beginning, middle, and, to the end of the story. Asking and Answering questions is also a requirement in the Common Core Standards for all subject areas. Asking ourselves questions as we read, helps us stay focus and involved in the story which will help us to comprehend the story. 

Ask and Answer Questions is also a reading strategy that students should be able to do proficiently. I have a FREE resource to help students to ask and answer questions throughout the story that they are reading. Students use these graphic organizers before, during, and after reading. They will be able to to organize their thoughts when they do this and comprehend what they are reading. It also includes a FREE poster to remind students to practice this skill throughout their reading story.  

Free Ask and Answer Poster and Recording Sheet

Posters to show what good readers do when they read
The ask and answer poster above is included in this pack of posters displaying, "What Good Readers Do". There are a total of 18 posters that display reading strategies and skills that students need to be aware of and practice when they are reading. This pack of posters are only $3. These are great reminders and good visuals when you are highlighting reading skills and strategies. The 18 posters include: 
Making Connections
Using Prior Knowledge
Reread to Understand
Find a Purpose
Know the Difference Between Fiction and Non-Fiction
See What They read
Read With Fluency
Look at Word Bits
Use Context Clues
Use Phonics
Reread Aloud
Ask Questions
Read Ahead
Make Inferences 
Book Talk is loaded with materials for reading
Book Talk is also loaded with ideas, activities, worksheets, reports, and logs to get students to talk about the books they are reading. This pack also has more asking and answering worksheets to motivate students to think about their reading! Click the picture to read more about it. 

Here are some more resources that you may need when teaching reading skills and strategies:
Ask and Answer WH Bingo
Pete the Cat Reading Strategies Mini Bulletin Board
Strategies Posters
Reading Strategies Posters

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