Dr. Seuss Ideas

Dr. Seuss is my favorite author! All of his books are wonderful!!! I'm always in the mood to pick up one of his books and read away. My favorite book is Horton Hatches an Egg, Go Dog Go, and Green Eggs and Ham. Dr. Seuss's books inspire me, makes me laugh, and leaves me rhyming my sentences for the rest of the day. While searching through Pinterest, I have compiled a list of some fun ideas to use for Dr.Seuss. I thought I would share some of those ideas.
 Dr. Seuss Ideas

I have a FREE Reading Log to share! 
Use for the Read Across America Week.
 Free 20 Hour Reading Log

Here is the Readers Oath. 
Click the picture to download this FREE poem in bookmark form:
 FREE Readers Oath
 I promise to read each day and each night. I know it’s the key to growing up right. I’ll read to myself. I’ll read to a crowd. It makes no difference if silent or loud. I’ll read at my desk, at home, and at school, on my bean bag, or bed, by the fire or pool. Each book that I read puts smarts in my head ‘cause brains grow more thoughts the more they are fed. Come rain or come shine, snow, wind, or sleet, each day of the week reading’s a treat. So I take this oath to make reading my way of feeding my brain what  it needs every day.

 Free Kids with a Hat Clipart
I made a FREE Clipart Resource using 4 kids wearing a hat. If you would like to create your own teaching resources or add the clip art to your worksheets to spice up Dr. Seuss Day, just click the resource on the left. You will be taken to my clipart store. 
Check out my Pinterest board all ready full of Dr. Seuss ideas!
Pinterest Board full of Dr Seuss
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Here are my favorite Dr. Seuss Books:

Here are some fun Dr. Seuss items you may like:


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