3rd Grade Resources

Here is a list of curriculum based 3rd Grade resources from Teacher's Take-Out. Click on the pictures below to read more about it and be taken to the place to make your purchases. Check the bottom of this page to find discounted prices on all the resources below.

RL.3.1 Ask and Answer Questions
RI.3.1 Ask and Answer Questions 
 Book Talk Questions
RL.3.5 Refer to Parts of a Story
RL.3.7 Use information from illustrations
 Book Talk Unit Including Questions
RI.3.10 read and comprehend
RL.3.10 read and comprehend
RF.3.4a read with purpose and understanding
 Frog and Toad Reading Center  Main Idea Task Cards  National Symbols of USA

RF.3.3 Know and Apply Grade Level Phonics
 Phonics Fushion

W.3.1 Write Opinion Pieces
 Opinion Writing Task Cards  Opinion Writing Worksheets
W.3.2 Write Informative/explanatory text
W.3.7 Write Research
 Mini Report Bundle
W.3.3 Write Narratives
 Personal Narratives
W.3.5 Strengthen Writing by Revising and Editing
 Edit That Text Task Cards
L.3.1a Explain functions of nouns, pronouns, verbs, adjectives, and adverbs
 Grinning for Grammar Grammar Hop

L.3.1b Form and use plural nouns 
 Plural Pack
L.3.2d Form and use possessives
 Plural and Possessives

L.3.2e Use conventional spelling for HFW
 Spelling HFW

L.3.4b Determine the meaning of the new word when prefix is added
L.3.4c Use the known root words as a clue to the meaning of unknown words
 Base Words Worksheets  Base Words Task Cards
 Grinning for Prefixes Grinning for Suffixes 
L.3.4d Use glossaries and beginning dictionaries
 ABC Order to 1st Letter ABC Order to 2nd Letter ABC Order to 3rd Letter

L.3.5c Distinguish shades of meaning among related words
 Word Choice Posters

3.OA.A.3 Use multiplication and division within 100 to solve word problems
 Multiplication and Division Word Problems
3.OA.A.4 Determine the unknown whole number in a multiplication or division equation relating three whole numbers
 Super Multiplication Worksheets Super Division Worksheets
3.OA.A.1 Interpret products of whole numbers
 Array Robots
3.OA.7 Fluently Multiply and Divide within 100
 Multiplication and Division Fact Drills
3.OA.8 Solve Two Step Problems
 Multi Step Word Problems

Add and Subtract within 1000
 Subtract Across Two Zeros Subtract Three Zeros

3.NBT.1 Round to Nearest 10 or 100
 Rockin Rounders 3 Digit Numbers
3.NBT.3 Multiply by 10s
 Multiply by Zeros Divide by Zeros
3.OA.9 Identify Arithmetic Patterns
 Skip Counting Posters

3.MD.1 Tell and Write Time to Nearest Minute
 Time to Nearest Minute  Time to Nearest Minute Write and Wipe Boards
3.MD.3 Draw a Picture and Bar Graph
 Data Task Cards for Graphing Bar Graphs
3.MD.4 Generate Measurements by halves and fourths
 Measure by Quarter Inch
3.MD.5 Recognize Area
3.MD.6 Measure Area
3.MD.5 Relate Area to multiplication
 Area Perimeter Build A Room Area and Perimeter Word Problems Area and Perimeter Task Cards
3.MD.8 Perimeters
 Perimeter Task Cards
3.NF.1 Understand a Fraction
 Fraction on a Number Line
3.NF.2 Understand a Fraction on a Number Line
 Fractions on a Number Line
3.NF.3 Compare Fractions
 Compare and Order Fractions  Would You Rather Fractions


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