What Good Readers Do- Bookmarks

Good Readers use strategies to help them read. Using a reading strategy can help readers comprehend and tackle words they do not know. I have a FREE resource to help students be good readers. These bookmarks display what makes a good reader. Each Bookmark displays 10 reading skills and strategies that all students need to remember when reading. These strategies will help remind students of what to do when reading and trying to comprehend the text. These bookmarks are the perfect size for students. Also included is a black and white version too. Just click the picture to download this freebie and start handing out bookmarks. 

 Bookmarks for Good Readers

Here are 18 Reading Strategy posters to display What Good Readers Do. These are great to display during your reading time or use to discuss your next reading strategy lesson. 2 sizes are included; 8.5x11 and 1/4 their size.
Posters that display what good readers do 
 Good Readers use their prior knowledge  Make and Confirm Predictions  Good Readers think about the purpose
$3.00 for 18 Posters

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