44 Sounds of the English Language FREEBIE

Phonics is a huge part of the English Language. Phonics are letters and sounds that make up how we pronounce and sound out words. The need for phonics is an important element for reading instruction. Did you know there are 44 sounds of the English language? I have a list of the 44 sounds of the English language on one nice little sheet. It's easy to read and store. This list of sounds will be handy for you to make and guide your phonics lessons. This list has a few examples for each sound. Not all examples are used. Click the picture below to download this FREE list!
Free 44 Sounds
There are also 2 sheets of the 74 phonograms. These 2 sheets give the sound. Each bullet means how many sounds are in each phonogram. These are perfect for a reference. Send home for parents or use for your own lessons.
Free Phonogram ListsFreebie for sounds of vowels and consonants
I have created a few Vowel Sound Resources for the K-2 classroom. These resources are beginning phonics packs that are loaded with ideas to review and provide independent practice using phonics skills. Click any pack below to be taken to my TPT store to see what's in each resource.:
CVCC Phonics FusionCVCC Phonics FusionCVCC Word Task Cards
CVC Comprehension Task CardsCVC Rhyming StripsCVC Alphabet Soup

CVCE Task Cards for ComprehensionCVCE Dice Games Silent e WordsCVCE WorksheetsCVC and CVCE Picture Cards
Below you will find more phonic resource. These resources will help students understand the relationship between letters and sounds. You will find some fun ideas to review phonics skills with your students. The resources are perfect for K-2 Classroom. There are puzzles, games, and more ideas to reinforce the 44 sounds of the English language. Click on any resource below to be taken to my TPT store to see each resource up close.  
Vowel Sounds Snakes and LaddersPhonics Fusion Word Lists 
Vowel Sound Task CardsWord Lists 

Here are some phonics resources you may like to help reinforce learning the 44 sounds of the English Language. I linked them to Amazon to make it easier for you to check out:
Phonics Dominos
Phonics Cubes
Dr. Seuss Phonics Posters
44 Sound Board

Happy sounding out!
See you soon,


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