Plural Pack

Are you ready to pull your hair out with all those plural noun rules? I have a Freebie displaying 8 Plural Noun Rules on one nice little sheet. This poster only displays 8 plural noun spelling rules with an example of each one. If your 2nd and 3rd graders struggle with plurals, this poster can help. There are so many rules to follow that it's easy to forget how to add endings when writing plural words. You’re free to download it and use it in your classroom. This also comes in a black and white version to save on color. Just click and print!
FREE Plural Noun Rules Poster
Plural Pack for 2nd and 3rd graders
Do your students struggle with plurals? I made some engaging games and centers to help students practice those rules. The Plural Pack has a Poster (freebie from above) that explains some plural rules, games and centers, and 20 worksheets. This Pack has students learning the rules, writing and spelling singular and plural nouns.
Plural Pack PreviewPlural Pack Preview

Purchase Plural Pack right here at a discounted price!

Here are some items you may need when teaching about plurals. I linked them to Amazon to make it easy for you:
If You Were a Plural Word book
Plural Poster
Plural Task Cards
Irregular Plural Flashcards
Mad Libs

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