High Frequency Words (HFW) are a great place to start when learning to read. Students should be able to read and write the first 100 HFW by the end of 1st grade. The more students see these words, the more they will learn them. 

I have a FREE game using the first 100 HFW. Use all 100 cards or choose the exact words you want to play the game.

This freebie includes a game board and the first 100 high frequency words. Players race to the finish line on the game board by drawing cards and reading the words correctly. For a challenge, have students put the word in a sentence.
Words are also numbered according to frequency for easy organization. Click the picture to learn more about it. 
I have a great way to get students to learn reading the HFW at home. Parents can choose 5 to 10 words that their child needs to work on. They write a word on a sticky note. Post the words on the refrigerator or on some wall space. Let the students read the word. If they read the word correctly, the parent draws a star next to the word. Keep doing this until the child gets 5 stars next to the word. Then replace the sticky note with a new word and try to get 5 stars for that word. It's really fun to use a pointer or a long stick that students can point to each word to read. The pointer is not necessary, but it sure makes it fun!  
 Snakes and Ladders HFW
For more HFW Games, try Snakes and Ladders. Students will be squealing with delight as they practice reading HFW Words. 8 game boards are included and separated by increments of 25 words. Fry Words 1-200 are used in these games.
These games come in HFW, Dolch Words, and Vowel Sounds.
 HFW Snakes and Ladders Phonics Game

 HFW Lists
I also have a pack of High Frequency Words in list form and in assessment form for the first 1,000 words. There are 2 lists included, one with 100 words, and a list of 10 words. The list of 10 words are perfect for younger students and you can also put these lists on a ring to practice reading a set of 10 words at a time. The assessment sheets include a space for you to assess your students 5 times in the year. Are they improving or do they need a boost in HFW? These words are also great for spelling words too. Choose the words that are seen most frequently and use those words for weekly spelling tests.
 High Frequency Word Lists High Frequency Assessments

 High Frequency Spelling Lists
I made the first 300 HFW into spelling lists. This pack has the first 300 words, most frequently used words, are placed into a pack. This is a great pack of words for 1st-4th grade classrooms. It's ideal for students to be able to read and write these HFW. The spelling lists sheets are great for homework or extra practice. Students will be using 10 words at a time. They will write the words several times on one sheet. There are 7 extra lists added to this pack that students are required to know. The lists include; days of the week, months, or number words. Click the picture to read more about it. 
 HFW Spelling Lists

Here are some more HFW Resources I found on Amazon:
HFW Flashcards
Sight Words Packs
Sight Words for Beginners
Sight Word Sentences
Sight Word Practice
High Frequency Word Magnets

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