Sunday, December 9, 2012

HFW Game

FREEBIE! This fun game uses the First 100 High Frequency Words from the Fry word list. 
Use all 100 cards or choose the exact words you want.
A game board and the first 100 words are included. Players race to the finish line on the game board by drawing cards and reading the words correctly. For a challenge, have students put the word in a sentence.

Game Board included along with the words 1-100. Words are also numbered according to frequency for easy organization.

For more HFW Games, try Snakes and Ladders. Students will be squealing with delight as they practice reading HFW Words. 8 game boards are included and separated by increments of 25 words. Fry Words 1-200 are used in these games.
Try a FREE Snakes and Ladders game HERE.

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