Fall and Halloween Resources

Welcome to Fall Resources for the classroom. Scroll down and you will find a variety of Free and Paid products to use in your classroom this fall holiday season.

Fall Freebies
 Jar of Fall Freebie for Math  Free Jar of Fall Addition Game Free Jar of Fall Multiplication Game
 Free pumpkin glyph Free Poison Pumpkin Addition Game Free fall doubles using addition Free Rounding Game  Fall Compare and Contrast Writing

Fall Paid Resources
 Place Value Pumpkins using 10s place Pumpkin Place Value to 100s Task Cards Place Value Pumpkins to the thousands place 
 Fall Multiplication and Division Word Problems  Fall 2 Digit Addition and Subtraction Word ProblemsFall Word Problems using 3 Digit Addition and Subtraction
  Fall Fact Family using Multiplication and DIvision Fall Fact Families using Addition and Subtraction
 Fall Rounding 3 Digit Numbers Fall Rounding 2 Digit NumbersRound 4 Digit Numbers 
 Using 2 Digit Numbers Between and After Fall Adding 1s and 10s
 Pumpkin ed Sounds Fall Equal Equations 
 Fall Opinion Task Cards

Apple Fun!
 Apple Addition Games Apple Subtraction Games for Teen Numbers
 True False Equations Apple Theme QR Codes Add them Up with QR Codes
 Apple ed Ending Games and Centers Sounds for ED Task Cards
 Antonym or Synonym Task Cards

Halloween FREE and Paid Resources
  Bone Chilling Stories  Halloween Word Problems Using Addition and Subtraction Halloween Pack of Ideas for 2nd and 3rd Grades
 RIP Word Choice Free Halloween Graphic Organizers Halloween Add and Subtract by 1s and 10s
 Wicked Witch FREE Multiplication Game  Pumpkin ed Sounds Pumpkin Antonym and Synonym Task Cards

Thanksgiving Theme!
 Free Thanksgiving Compare and Contrast Writing Free Hide Tom Turkey
 Free Thanksgiving Planning Meal Free Thanksgiving Tradition Writing
 Turkey Pie Fractions Task Cards and Worksheets  Free Fraction Worksheet
 FREE Thanksgiving Boggle Boards
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Fabulous Resources for the holiday season!
 Fall and Halloween Freebies Johnny Appleseed resources

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