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Teaching about verb tense can be tricky for some students. The tense of a verb tells when the action takes place. Tense is often shown by how the word ends. For example; plays, played, and playing. Knowing the ending of a verb can tell which tense is being used. It makes it tricky for students because sometimes the verb will change to irregular which will throw them off. There are 3 different kinds of tenses:
  • Present Tense- This means the action is happening now or that it happens all the time. 
  • Past Tense- This means the action happened before or in the past.
  • Future Tense- This means the action will take place at a later time, or in the future.

Here is a FREE verb tense poster to hang on a bulletin board or to use when teaching about Past-Present-Future verb tenses. The poster will help students show the past, present, and future of the apple. Click the picture below to download this freebie. 

FREE Verb Tense Poster
Which One is the Past and Present Verb
I have a set of 30 task cards using irregular verbs. Students see two words on the task cards and they have to decide which word is past tense and which word is in present tense. Click the picture to see this product up close. 

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