Number Ladders For Math

Have you heard about Number Ladders? Number Ladders are great for number sense in math! Number Ladders are growing in popularity and have proven to be good thinking tools for math or at your math centers. Number Ladders practice skills like addition/subtraction or multiplication/division. They also teach place value, the 100 chart, and number sense. Number Ladders will improve your student's thinking and strengthen their number sense. They are challenging enough for any learner in the classroom! Number Ladders are perfect for math centers too. If you have early finishers or need a challenging center, try Number Ladders to spice up your math centers. 

Let me show you how Number Ladders work:
You start at the bottom of the ladder. This ladder, above, says start at 10. Students move up the ladder, adding and subtracting along the way. When they reach the top of the ladder, they must be at a certain number. If the student is not at the correct number when they reach the top of the ladder, they will need to go back and check their work. 

There are a variety of Number Ladders available for all students at different learning levels. The pink ladders, are all about adding and subtracting single digit numbers. The orange ladders are all about adding and subtracting 2-digit numbers. The brown ladders are all about adding and subtracting by 1s 10s and 100s. The blue ladders are all about multiplying and dividing. The green ladders are all about adding, subtracting, multiplication, and division, all 4 wrapped into 1. 

I know you will love Number Ladders. I am offering a FREE Number Ladder to try. Click below to try one or all five Number Ladders today! There are 5 different Number Ladders to try: 
Number Ladders have 20 ladders to practice math skills. There are also another set of 10 ladders for a challenge! The numbers are already going up the ladder. The students need to tell what each step is doing. Is the step adding or subtracting and by how much? See below, an example of a challenge Number Ladder. 

Number Ladders are designed to reach a wide variety of learners in the classroom. Number Ladders can be used all year long. Number Ladders are great for thinking skills! They teach number sense and place value. They also practice addition and subtraction skills! Each set comes with 30 ladders. This includes 20 Number Ladders and 10 Challenging Ladders. All Number Ladders come in a black and white copy too. Each set has recording sheets and answer keys. Click below to be taken to my TPT store to read more about Number Ladders. 

Here is an older blog post about using Number Ladders in the classroom. A fun white board activity to use with Number Ladders!  

I know once you try Number Ladders, you'll be addicted and love them.
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