FREE Word Family Lists using CVC Words

 Free CVC Word Lists
I have a fun FREEBIE for K-1 classrooms. These Free CVC Word Family Lists include 31 little pages to assemble into a book or to be placed on a ring. Students will be able to practice reading CVC words and learning to rhyme! Just click the picture to download this freebie!

 CVC Rhyming Worksheets
Need more rhyming practice? This pack has 36 worksheets to help students practice rhyming and reading CVC words. This pack uses only CVC words with a mix of vowel sounds to help beginning readers.

 CVC Rhyming Strips
CVC Rhyming Strips are great for small group time or reading centers. These strips are fun to hold and use as students read a list of words to find the word that rhymes with the picture. These rhyming strips will be a great addition to your rhyming unit for beginning readers.

Here are more resources using CVC Words for the classroom. These are a perfect addition to your CVC unit! They are engaging for students and easy for teachers to implement to use at reading centers. These task cards will surely have your students mastering CVC words! 

 CVC Alphabet Soup CVC Worksheets CVC Picture Cards
This CVC Worksheets pack includes 30 worksheets for 
beginning, middle, and end sounds. 
All worksheets use CVC words using a mixture of vowels. 
 Beginning Middle and End Sounds
I hope the FREE CVC Rhyming Word List Booklet helps your young readers get off to a great start!

Happy Reading and Rhyming!!
See you soon,

 Classroom resources using phonics by Teachers Take Out
Click the picture on the left to find more classroom resources using Phonics by Teacher's Take-Out.

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