FREE Word Family Lists using CVC Words

Word Families are a series of words that end with the same phonogram; for example, it, pit, fit, hit, bit. Teaching word families are a great way to help children learn to read. It teaches students to sound out letters and that the sound of the initial letter is different among the words in each family. Teaching word families will help students pick up rhyming skills too. They will be able to hear the same sound in each word as they read the list. Word families can be used for reading and teaching phonics and for quick recognition of words

I have a fun FREEBIE for K-1 classrooms. These Free CVC Word Family Lists include 31 little pages to assemble into a book or to be placed on a ring. Students will be able to practice reading CVC words and learning to rhyme! Just click the picture to download this freebie!

Free CVC Word Lists

 Need more rhyming practice? This pack has 36 worksheets to help students practice rhyming and reading CVC words. This pack uses only CVC words with a mix of vowel sounds to help beginning readers. There are 5 worksheets for each vowel sound and a set of mixed vowels too. These worksheets are a great supplement for your phonics unit. Here are some of the worksheets. Click on a worksheet below to read more about it at my TPT store. 

CVC Rhyming Strips
CVC Rhyming Strips are great for small group time or reading centers. These strips are fun to hold and use as students read a list of words to find the word that rhymes with the picture. These rhyming strips will be a great addition to your rhyming unit for beginning readers.

Word Families
Word Families are great for teachers and students. Teachers will no longer have to research a set of words for each word family. This pack already has it done for them. Students will benefit from reading a variety of short and long vowel words within a word family. I place these lists on a ring and students pick up the pack of words to practice reading. Students love to read these lists too. This pack has 190 word families! These lists are great for reading, writing, and for spelling units. 

Word Family Games Short Vowels
Word Family Games has a set of 14 game boards set in a Safari Theme. Each board has a list of short vowel words that students spin a for a word family and finds a word on the game board to match. These are great to set up into a file folder game to use at reading centers or to send home to play.
Here are some more word family resources you may need for your classroom. I linked to resources to Amazon to make it easy for you to view:

I hope the FREE CVC Rhyming Word List Booklet above helps your young readers get off to a great start!

Happy Reading and Rhyming!!
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