Free Reading Log with Writing

 Free Reading Log with Writing
A Reading Log to integrate some writing. Use this reading log weekly, or once a month for homework.

Monday: Students read for 15-20 minutes and then write a summary of their reading using the words: first, next, then, finally.
Tuesday: Students read for 15-20 minutes and then write an opinion about their reading. It can be what they thought of the book or something about the character or setting.
Wednesday: Students read for 15-20 minutes from any non-fiction resource. The students write 3 facts from their reading.
Thursday: Students monitor their reading with fluency. They practice reading the same paragraph several times. Then the student finds someone at home to time them for 1 minute and record their word per minute. Students can use their own chapter books or the teacher can provide a passage on the back of the reading log to practice fluency.

We all know students need more practice with their writing. This Reading Log incorporates both reading and writing into one. If students are already reading for homework, then this log is perfect to add some writing too! Click the picture for your free reading log.

 Book Talk is loaded with reading material for any book
Need more Reading Resources? Check out Book Talk. It's Loaded with more Reading Logs, Graphic Organizers, Book Reports, and more reading activities! This 90 page pack will work with any book you are reading. It will also keep your students busy during reading time all year long. It will definitely get your students talking about the books they are reading. Click on the picture to read more about it. 

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