Thursday, November 29, 2018

Mini Research Reports

 Mini Reports Bundle for 4 products
Are you ready to write some cool mini-reports? I created 4 packs to write 4 different reports. These reports include: states, country, animal, and biography. These reports and perfect for classrooms 2nd-5th grade. Each report has students writing facts and gluing or drawing pictures to complete their report. Once finished, these look great in your reading center. These reports will be ready for all to read, enjoy, and learn from. Use these for your class projects, as homework assignments, or for early finishers. You can purchase all 4 packs in one or they are available as individual products as well. Here are some of the images of the reports:
 Mini Animal Report Mini Country Report Mini Biography Reports Mini States Report
These mini reports will be easy for you to prepare and fun for the students to gather information and report it into these mini books. Just print and report! 

Here are some more of my mini ideas:
 Mini Workbook using Writing Prompts Mini Workbook using Elapsed Time Mini Workbook using Money
 Mini Workbook using 4 Digit Numbers Mini Workbook using 3 Digit Numbers Place Value Mini Workbook using 2 Digit Numbers
 Mini Workbook using Simple Addition Word Problems Mini Workbook using 2 Digit Word Problems
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Monday, November 26, 2018

Free Sequencing with Santa Gnome

 Free Sequence Writing about the Santa Gnome
I just finished creating my Santa Gnome Sequencing Clip Art. I used the clip art in this writing sequence worksheet. There are 2 worksheets included. One is to write out the steps the gnome is doing and the other worksheet is to cut and paste the santa gnomes in order from beginning to end. They write only one or two sentences about what is happening in the 2nd worksheet. These are great for K-5th grade classrooms this holiday season. Click the picture on the left to download this freebie! 
 Free Sequence Cut and Paste Free Sequence Writing about Santa Gnome getting ready for Christmas
 Santa Gnome Sequence Clip Art
Here is the Santa Gnome Sequencing Clip Art. There are 8 images in color and black and white. Use this clipart in your classroom to sequence a story of events. Click the picture on the left to be taken to my clip art store, Clip Factory.

Here are more sequencing resources for the classroom
 Sequence Cut and Paste Worksheets Snowmen Storyboards for Sequencing Sequencing Task Cards includes 30 task cards to order sentences from beginning to end
Happy Sequencing!
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Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Would You Rather Opinion Starters and a Freebie

 Would You Rather Opinion Starters includes 40 prompts to write about your opinion
Do your students need more practice writing opinion paragraphs? Well here are some fun resources to get your students thinking about and wanting to express their opinion about a certain topic. 

Would You Rather Opinion Starters has 40 writing prompts that ask students a "Would You Rather..." question. The student decides which of the two items they would want to do and write about it stating their opinion, listing three reasons to support their opinion, and ending with a closing statement. 

This pack has a FREE sample: Would you rather meet a fairy or an elf? Click the picture below and try this resource in your classroom today.  
 Free Opinion Writing Worksheet: Would you rather meet a fairy or an elf?

 Opinion Writing Worksheets for Beginners
Opinion Writing Worksheets are designed to help beginning writers form an opinion paragraph. This pack includes 34 writing prompts that help guide beginning writers bring their opinion paragraph to life. What I love about this pack is it's ready to go. All you have to do is print, no prep! Click the picture on the left to read more about these opinion worksheets.

 Opinion Writing Task Cards
Would you rather use task cards instead of worksheets to write opinion paragraphs? These opinion task cards are a sure thing to motivate your students to start writing. This pack also comes with ways to start their opinion writing, transition words to use, and closing statements that are perfect for opinion writing. 

What is your opinion on these opinion ideas? Feel free to leave your opinion below.

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Tuesday, October 30, 2018

FREE Missing Assignments Note

 Free Missing Assignments Note
Free Missing Assignment Note. Do you ever have students that are absent, gone from the classroom during certain periods, or someone who can't complete an assignment on time? Put this half-sheet note on their desk. As assignments pile up, write the assignments that are missing along with a due date. Staple this half sheet to the front of the missing assignments. There is a parent signature required when returning assignments.  This will help you keep track of those students who have missing assignments. 

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Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Free Short Vowel Worksheets

 FREE Short Vowel Worksheets
Here are 4 FREE worksheets from my short vowel phonics unit. These free worksheets are an example from each of the units below. The worksheets are separated by CVC, CCVC, CVCC, and CCVCC words. These FREE worksheets will help your students learn some new vocabulary, sound out words, and write or spell short vowel words. If you are teaching beginning readers, these worksheets will help your students become proficient readers. These worksheets are perfect for classwork to reinforce phonics sounds and skills and these are also perfect to send home for homework. Just click the picture above to download your free worksheets. 

The FREE worksheets are taken from these 3 packs:
 CVC Worksheets to Identify Read and Write CVCC Worksheets to Read Write and Rhyme CCVC and CCVCC Worksheets to Read Write and Rhyme

Hopefully the worksheets will help boost some good reading skills.
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Friday, February 2, 2018

Free Valentine Conversation Hearts Worksheet and Math Lesson

 Free Valentine Math Lesson for Primary
Valentine's Day is right around the corner and I have a fun and meaningful math lesson for it. This FREE worksheet is perfect for 1st -2nd graders. Some advanced kindergartners can surely use this as well. AND you could change the addition signs into multiplication signs to make it more challenging. 
You will need a box of Conversation Hearts for each student. The colors used for hearts in this worksheet are: Green, Orange, Pink, Purple, White, and Yellow. 

If you are on a tight budget, ask parents to bring in the candy. I've also purchased a big bag of Conversation Hearts and then I give each student a handful of hearts to complete the worksheet. Once students complete the math worksheet, they can eat the candy hearts. 

This worksheet has students comparing, adding, graphing, reading and doing math! Just click the picture above to download your freebie!

Here are some past Valentine Blog Post with some great freebies:
 Free Valentine Writing Prompts Free Valentine Friendly Letter Writing
Have a great Valentine's Day!
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Click the picture below to find more ideas to use with math: Math Products by Grade Level
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Monday, October 16, 2017

Word Choice Posters and a Free Worksheet

 Word Choice Posters
Words can make or break a piece of writing. If there are too many overused words, the writing is dull and boring. If words are too bold, the meaning of the sentence can become confusing or without fluency. Choosing a few "better" words can jazz up a boring piece of writing and bump up an overall score in an assessment. You need just the right words to capture your reader's attention and make the writing come alive. Words can create lots of different moods, images, and meaning in the reader's mind.

By introducing more words in the classroom, students will increase their vocabulary! Vocabulary is the foundation of reading.  Learning new vocabulary will increase reading and comprehension. Knowing more words will help students express themselves better and communicate more. One way to express themselves is through writing. When students know more words, they will be able to increase their reading and writing skills.    

One way to increase vocabulary is to have a word wall. A wall that is dedicated for just words will help students grow as good readers and writers. The word wall should be in a place where all students can see and utilize the words on it. Words can be added or taken away from the word wall. I always added spelling words, HFW, vocabulary words from our reading stories, and even our science words we were learning for our unit to the word wall. 

 Word Choice Posters
These Word Choice Posters will help students increase their vocabulary and improve their writing skill. The words on the posters can help students jazz up their writing and bring it to life. The 24 posters take overused words and give students a choice of 15 "better" words. Each poster also has 7 sentences to practice replacing the overused word. Theses sentences are perfect for mini-lessons or as examples for novice learners. Keep the posters whole or cut them in half. Use the posters for your word wall and use the sentences at your writing centers. Either way, students will be exposed to some new vocabulary, learn how to jazz up a piece of writing, and make your word wall look fantastic! 

Word Choice Posters include these 24 overused words:
bad, big, cold, easy, fast, fun, get, good, happy, hard, hot, little, mad, make, mean, nice, pretty, sad, said, see, slow, ugly, very, and went

Start collecting words and adding them to the word wall. Once a word goes on the word wall, it's expected to be used and spelled correctly for the remainder of the year.

 Free Word Choice Worksheet to replace overused words
Here is a FREE worksheets to help replace 8 overused words from the Word Choice pack. Students rewrite the sentences by replacing the underlined word with a better or juicy word. Adding better words can make sentences come alive! Click the picture on the left to download this FREE WORKSHEET.

 Word Choice Unit. Putting Old Words to Rest
Here is another Word Choice pack that I created years ago. This pack is more for older students with a fun sense of humor. It's a great unit or lesson to use during Halloween time. This pack has more centers and activities using word choice. "Said is Dead." Click the picture on the left to read more about it. I would not do this pack with 2nd graders or younger. They don't seem to get the humor in it. 

Have an outrageous time educating students about words!
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 Writing Resources from Teacher's Take Out
Click the picture on the left to see more WRITING resources from Teacher's Take-Out.