Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Free Word Puzzles using Onset and Rime

The Summer Blog Party continues with this week's focus: Fun with Phonics and Phonemic Awareness. I am sharing a freebie from my Word Puzzles Pack. 
 Free Word Puzzles
Free Word Puzzles using Onset and Rime includes 5 worksheets from my Word Puzzle Pack. These are great for teaching onset and rime.

Why teach onset and rime? Teaching children about onset and rime helps them recognize common "chunks" within words. They learn about word families, which can help when learning spelling strategies. Students will be able to decode words when reading and spelling words when writing. 

The Onset is the initial phonological unit of any word, For example; the b in bag or sw in swim

The term, Rime, refers to the string of letters that follow, usually a vowel and final consonants. For example the ag in bag or im in swim. Not all words have onsets.

Knowledge of phonological awareness is strongly related to reading and spelling success.

How to Use Word Puzzles: 
Students cut-out the 8 letters at the bottom of the sheet. They arrange the letters (onset) around to make words with the word family (rime). All words need to make sense and no names are used. Students glue the letters in place. 

Puzzles include 3 levels of difficulty. 

Here are 2 pictures of what the worksheets look like.  
 Word Puzzle Freebie Word Puzzle Freebie

 Word Puzzles using Onset and Rime
 You can find the entire pack of Word Puzzles right here if you click the picture above. Word Puzzles use all vowel sounds (a,e,i,o,u), and long and short vowel sounds too. This pack includes 3 levels of difficulty to fit the needs of your classroom. A total of 40 puzzles included. 

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Friday, June 19, 2015

Freebie! Sunny Blends Game

Summer Blog Party Kick Off Hop is here! We're sharing freebies, ideas, and products for reading and writing all summer long! A new theme will be introduced every Wednesday. Make sure you check back later

If you would like to participate in the Blog Hops this summer, sign up here.

 Free Sunny Blends Game
To kick this party off, I have a fun little freebie for you, Sunny Blends. This game will help students build words while they practice their phonemic sounds. Students take turns drawing cards with a blend sound on it and matching it with a word family. Players win the game by covering four squares in a row. This game will keep them busy as they will want to play it again and again. Plus they're reading! What can be better than that? To expend the activity, use the blend cards and the word families on the game board to make as many words as they can.

Click the picture to download your freebie.

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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Summer Ideas that are Fun and Educational

My good friend, Corinne, reached out to me and wanted to do a pen post for Teacher's Take-Out. I was thrilled! I love to share ideas with my fellow colleges like you! She has some great ideas on how your children can stay busy this summer while still using educational thinking. Here is her post...

Summer Ideas that are both Fun and Educational by Corinne.

For many, the kids' summer vacation means bracing for the warm days ahead by planning trips to the pool or beach. Rising temperatures leave most people with little or no inclination to engage in chores  or regular activities, and 'lazing around' takes precedence over everything else. It's easy, then, for summer slide to set in among the kids. One of the best ways to tackle the problem is to engage them in meaningful activities that are both fun and educational so that they get very little time to laze! Check out these 'cool' ideas to motivate kids during their summer break and get the best out of them when the break is over.

 1. Download premade calendars and have children plan summer special days for June, July, and August. In other words, improve their planning skills with this simple task! Better still, help children make the calendars at home. For younger kids, this activity will also teach them about the number of days in each month or in a season, etc. In case older children are making the calendars, have them note down important days during summer. For example, summer solstice, the occurrence of any eclipse, etc.

 2. All those board games that have probably been lying in one place gathering dust can come out now. Bring out the Scrabble board and use it to practice vocabulary, spelling, and leaning new words. Try Yatzee to brush up on addition and multiplication facts. Monopoly will help with counting money and place value. It's a good idea to sit as a family and make games as part of your weekly or daily routine. If the kids are not eager to play a board game, you can consider engaging them with online English games. Kids love spending time playing online games, and you will be happy that the games they're playing online have education value as well.  

 3. Involve the kids in cooking. Cooking is an activity that is both educational and fun. Plus, it's great for fractions and measuring. Write down easy recipes like sandwiches, mug cakes, popsicles, salads, etc., and specify the quantity of each ingredient in clear handwriting. Let the little chefs cook the recipes from scratch. Besides learning to cook, which is an essential life skill, children will subconsciously practice their measuring skills too. It'll be an exciting way to find out how a dish can change if too much or too little of an ingredient is added.

 4. Engage kids with theater. Roald Dahl is a good author to start with if you're dealing with children of 5 years and above. Adapt his short stories into plays and invite your children's friends to roll it out together. Have the kids memorize the scripts and put up a performance that's complete with dialog, emotion, and drama. What can be a better way to get kids to practice reading and developing an interest in literature and drama?

 5. Support a book club with someone in your family. Go to your local library and pick up two of the same books. Read a few chapters and then get together to discuss characters, setting, and plot. Make predictions of  what will happen next. Assign new chapters to be read and by what date. Something you can add to your calendar. Local libraries always have some kind of reading reward programs going on during the summer too. It's worth stopping by. Children love the library. I've never had a student complain about going to the library.

I love these summer ideas from Corrine. They are easy to implement and involve learning! Which is always a plus! Thank you for stopping by today and reading! Thank You Corrine for your input and your post on staying busy this summer! I look forward to your next one.

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Saturday, June 13, 2015

Free Monster Division Game

 Free Monster Division Game_Divisor of 3
Try a FREE Monster Division Game! This Division freebie is a sample from my Monster Division Game Pack. Your freebie has students practicing the divisor of 3! No Prep, just print and play! Click the picture below to download your freebie.
 Free Division game of 3
 Monster Division Games
The entire pack of Monster Division Games include 15 game boards. The game boards include:
Divisors 1-5
Divisors 6-9
Divisors 1-10
Divisors 2
Divisors 3
Divisors 4
Divisors 5
Divisors 6
Divisors 7
Divisors 8
Divisors 9
Division of 10
Missing Dividends and Divisors  Facts 1-5
Missing Dividends and Divisors  Facts 6-10
Missing Divisors (1-10)
 Monster Division Games
You can find Monster Division right here on my blog for a discounted price:

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Thursday, June 4, 2015

Tutoring Progress Report

 Tutoring Progress Report
Do you tutor over the summer? If you do, I have a progress report you can use when you tutor or for your tutoring business. I leave this progress report after each tutoring session. It is very helpful for parents. They have something in writing about the skills their child is working on and how they’re doing on each of those skills. It also makes note of their child’s behavior while tutoring. It also acts as proof or a receipt that I was there. Many parents keep the report and then it's easy for me to look back at what we did during our session and what we still need to work on. 
Here is an example:
 Tutoring Progress Report
Hopefully you can use this if you tutor. I have also used something similar to this while teaching. These are great communication tools for parents.

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Saturday, May 2, 2015

Teacher Appreciation Week

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!
This week (May 2nd-May 8th) I will be running some sales at a few of my stores. 
Teacher's Notebook sale begins on May 2nd and lasts until May 8th, 2015.
TPT's sale will run from May 5th-6th

 Awards for the Classroom. Free until May 8th 2015
I want to THANK all teacher's out there. I have been a teacher for over 16 years and know just how hard you work! You deserve some appreciation and pampering. THANK YOU for everything you do with our young kiddos. Here is a freebie for this week only. Awards and Certificates can brighten any student at a moments notice. Or tell your students how well they are doing in school with these instant awards. 

Don't forget to enter the Giveaway this week.
  Ten people will win a free product (up to $6.00) from my store. 
10 Winners will be picked on May 9th, 2015
 Teacher's Notebook Sale

For more Freebies, try here:
 Freebies from Teacher's Take_Out
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Thursday, April 23, 2015

Free Cinquain Poems

I just wrote a post over at Classroom Tested Resources about Cinquain Poems. If you're teaching poems, you'll want to try this freebie. They are fun and can be used in a variety of ways. Hop on over to pick up this freebie!

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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Spring Freebies

 Free Spring Compare and Contrast Writing
Free Compare and Contrast Spring Writing. Your students will love these cuties! There are 3 different sets of  pictures to choose from. Hopefully your students will be motivated to do some writing. You can find this freebie on Educents. If you are a new user on Educents, you can use this $10.00 credit for signing up! It's easy! Click here to sign up for Educents credit.

 Free Spring Break Writing
Did you manage to snag this spring break writing? This fun little freebie will help students organize their thoughts as they write about an event from their spring break vacation.
 Free Trial using 2-Digit Addition and Subtraction with QR Codes
This freebie is a sample/trial for the 2-Digit Addition and Subtraction Equations. Students get to scan the QR Code to see they are correct. This will motivate your students to tackle those addition and subtraction skills. Click the picture to read all about these task cards.

 Free Coordinate Grids and Ordered Pairs
Need some help with Coordinate Grids and Ordered Pairs? Just in time for Earth Day too! There are 3 different game boards in this freebie. It's perfect for learning to go "Over" and then "up" when finding ordered pairs on a coordinate grid.

 Spring Freebies
If you love Pinterest, you'll want to check this Pinterest Board full of Spring Freebies. If they're great, I pin them and store them on this board. They are All Free and All Spring themed.
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