Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Pumpkin Themed Resources for the K-5th Grade Classrooms

I have a few fun pumpkin ideas for you to use this fall season. Scroll down below to see all my pumpkin resources. Some are FREE and some are paid products. Click on the pictures below to read more about them. 
 FREE Pumpkin Glyph
FREE Pumpkin Glyph is a fun project to do with students during the fall or holiday season. This glyph uses a legend that students have to follow to make a pumpkin that describes them. Once all the pumpkins are made, see if the students will be able to tell which pumpkin belongs to which student. Click the picture on the left to download it from TPT.

Here are 3 PLACE VALUE blocks that students match the blocks with the number. These packs have 10s, 100s, amd 1000s place. Click on the pictures below to read more about them. 
 Place Value Pumpkins to the 10s place Place Value Pumpkins to 100s place Place Value Pumpkins to 1000 place
 FREE Addition Game Poison Pumpkin
Here is a FUN and FREE game to help learn addition facts. Cut apart all the addition task cards and place them in a coffee can. Students take turns drawing task cards and stating the sum on each one. If the student says the correct sum, they get to keep the card. If the students says the wrong sum, they have to the card back in the coffee can. If a student picks a Poison Pumpkin card, they have to put ALL their cards back in the can. Beware! This game gets a little loud. But the students are learning and having fun too! Click on the picture to download this freebie and start playing it today. 
 Pumpkin Antonym and Synonym Task Cards
Do your students need some help distinguishing from antonyms and synonyms? This pack has 50 task cards using a pumpkin theme. Students decide if the 2 words on the task cards are antonyms or synonyms. This comes in a cute pumpkin theme. These task cards may brighten up your reading centers this fall season.

 Sounds for _ed Pumpkin Theme
Pumpkin "_ed" Sounds has 40 task cards. Students try to find the matching word that makes the same ending sound. Another cute pumpkin theme to use for your reading centers. These are perfect for 1st and 2nd graders. 
I'm also trying my hand at clipart. Here are the pumpkins I made. Click on the picture below to read more about it. 
 Crazy Eyes Pumpkins Clip Art
Thanks for stopping by today. When I make more pumpkin resources, I'll post them here. Check back later for updates. 
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 Halloween Theme Activities and Ideas
Click the picture on the left to see Halloween, Fall, or Apple themed resources. 
 Fall Ideas and a Freebie  Apple Resources

 Fall Resources
Click the picture on the left to find Free and Paid resources for Fall. All resources are for K-5th grade classrooms.

Monday, October 7, 2019

3 Digit Place Value Unit and Free Worksheets

 3 Digit Place Value Bundle Unit
I have some fun FREE and paid resources using 3-digit numbers. I created 4 packs of place value task cards and worksheets using 3-digit numbers. This bundle contains all 4 products or as individual pack. Each pack has a set of task cards and a set of worksheets. 

 3 Digit Place Value Worksheets
If you ONLY want the worksheets from each pack, click the picture to the left. I took ALL the worksheets from each pack and put them in a pack all their own. There are 42 worksheets all about place value and 3-digit numbers.  I am offering a FREE worksheet from the Add and Subtract 1s, 10s, and 100s pack.  
Click the picture below to download this free worksheet. This worksheet has students adding or subtracting 1s, 10s, and 100s of a 3-digit number.
  FREE Add and Subtract by 1s 10s and 100s
 FREE Place Value Mats
I also have a FREE Place Value Mat to help add and subtract by 1s, 10s, and 100s. This FREE pack also has other place value mats and an idea to help read and write numbers. Click the picture on the left to download this freebie too. 

Here are the 4 packs in the bundle mentioned above. Click each resource to read more about it. Remember each resource has its own set of worksheets. You can choose the pack that fit's your classroom needs or grab them all.   
 Expand Word Standard Form 3 digit numbers Add and Subtract 3 Digit Numbers
 Order and Compare 3 Digit Numbers  Place and Value of a 3 Digit Number

Mini Workbook using Place Value 3 Digit Numbers
I also have a mini-workbook using 3-digit numbers. These mini pages are perfect for reviewing place value. You can use these during your morning work, as a warm-up exercise before you start math, as an exit ticket for a closing review, for early finishers to keep them busy, or as a fun pack of homework to send home for review. I also have a FREEBIE from this resource too! Click the picture below to try 2 mini worksheets from this pack.
 FREE mini workbook pages using place value of a 3 digit number

 Mr and Mrs Hundred Clip Art
I also made the clipart in these packs. I made a set of 100 blocks and dressed them up with a tie or a bow and called them Mr. and Mrs. Hundreds. Click the picture on the left to read more about them. These are great if you want to make your own place value set of worksheets or task cards for hundreds place.
Hopefully you found some good resources for 3-digit place value.
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 Place Value Base Ten

Monday, September 16, 2019

Fact Families and a FREE Worksheet

 Fact Family Centers  Addition and Subtraction
Are you working on fact families? I have a few ideas for you plus a FREE worksheet. Fact Family Centers pack has 36 houses. Each house has 3 numbers. Students use those 3 numbers to write the 4 fact family equations. If you laminate the houses, students can write the equations on the house. These are perfect for small groups. You can use the houses at centers too. Students use the recording sheet to record their answers. This pack also gives a challenge. Students have to watch the symbols on the house to be careful when making equations. This will help students improve number sense. This pack also comes with 24 Fact Family Task Cards. Students use the small houses to write fact families. There is also 4 free worksheets. You can snag the FREE worksheet below. 
 FREE Fact Family Addition and Subtraction Worksheet
 Fact Family Centers for Multiplication and Division
This Fact Family pack also comes in Multiplication and Division. This pack also has houses to write fact family equations or use the numbers on the small houses to create equations. Click on the picture on the right to read more about it. 

I also have 4 Fact Family Packs for the holiday seasons. These packs have 3 different centers. Students find the fact family equation that doesn't belong, find the missing fact family, or write the 4 fact family equations. Click on the pack below to read more about each one. 
 Fall Fact Families  Johnny Appleseed Fact Families 
 Winter Fact Families  Spring Fact Families
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Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Classroom Management Ideas

 Classroom Management Tips
I have 12 ideas about how you can manage and control your classroom a little easier. I have used every tip below and I'm sharing my ideas that I've used for years. Hopefully you'll pick up a few new ideas or tricks. Many of these ideas are FREE and some of them are paid products. 

Behavior management seems to change every year depending on your mob of students. Some years run smoother than other years. It all depends on who you get in your classroom and how everyone gets along. I am describing the tips below and when you click on the picture, it will take you to the product or the blog post and you'll be able to download it from there. If you click the Classroom Management picture above, it will take you to my Pinterest board already full of classroom management ideas that I've found from other teachers around the web! 

 FREE Table Team Jobs
Do you have your students sit in teams or do you do anything in teams? These cards might stop the fighting and arguing. Students are assigned a job in the team. This will make sure everyone does their part in helping the team achieve their goal. This is FREE. Just click the picture on the left to read more about it and download it from there.

FREE Poster About Me
Do you highlight a student each week? These "Me" posters will let each student share a little bit about themselves. These posters will help get to know their classmates too. To build a classroom community, students need to get to know each other. These posters are a great start to get to know them. This is also FREE. Click the picture to download it from TPT. 

 Free Self Assessment
Here is a FREE self-assessment idea. When you're teaching a concept, these cards come in handy to see how your students are understanding curriculum. I give my students a set of these cards. I have my students lay on their desk the card they feel suits them best when they are learning. A student may have a 1 on their desk. This lets me know he/she needs help. If a student has a 4 on their desk, this lets me know they don't need help and might be able to help others. These are great for class management because you don't have hands raised or students shouting out they need help. These cards will let you know what's happening with students without a word spoken.

 Free Lesson Plan Sheet
Do you need a lesson plan template? This lesson plan sheet might help you to stay organized. I color code my lesson plan sheets; blue for math, pink for language arts, etc... This lesson plan sheet is attached to everything I need for the lesson. It's used year after year and I have less planning to do each year. This will help you stay organized and your time can be used somewhere else.  

 Awards for the Classroom
Who loves praise? I do! These are great little awards to boost some spark and get your students on their best behavior. I hand these awards out when I see someone doing something great or doing really well in a subject area. 

These awards are personal. I have to add their name and I sign it too. These take a few more extra minutes to fill out, but making them personal is rewarding in itself. Sometimes I have them collect 10 awards and they can turn them in for a prize. Sometimes I use them all year and sometimes I use them at the end of each quarter. Either way, you will build a strong classroom community when you let your students know how they are doing. Everyone likes recognition and these will let your students know you are aware of their efforts and you're proud of them!  

 Attention Grabbers
What are your strategies to grab your student's attention? I love these posters. They help me grab my student's attention when I need to make an announcement. These grabbers are so much fun too! Your students will get a kick out of them. Click the picture to read more about them. 

 FREE 15 Minute Timer
You will need a timer to set limits on activities and keep you on schedule. This timer is in PowerPoint! It's here to get you started. You can make any changes you like to the slides or the timer. This Timer is FREE! Click the picture on the left to download it and read more about it.

 Free Missing Assignments
Do you have students that do not complete their work on time? Or do you have students that are absent and need to complete their work?  This little missing assignment note is perfect to staple to a pack of missing work. Parents will need to sign it. This will help you stay organized with missing assignments and stay in touch with parents about missing work. This is FREE! Click the picture to read more about it and download it from there.

 Free Behavior Class Chart
At the beginning of the year and throughout, I brainstorm with students about behavior and rules. On a large chart paper, I draw a 4 square box with a circle in the middle. In the middle circle I put a rule or a behavior I want to address or talk about. Then, I label each box with IS - Does - Says - Is NOT.  For example: In the middle circle I put a behavior like "Good Classmate". I brainstorm with students what makes a good classmate. Each box is labeled: A Good Classmate is.... A Good Classmate does...., A Good Classmate says.... A Good Classmate Is Not... Then I make a list in each box what the students brainstormed. This is a good visual for students to see, hear, and understand what a good classmate might look like. Use rules or other behaviors you would like students to be aware of when in the classroom. You can click the picture to see the FREE chart.

 Superhero Punch Cards Dollar Deal
Here is a fun class management idea! Punch cards are easy to set up. Copy a class set of punch cards. Give each student a card and have them tape it to their desk. When I see a student following a rule or doing something good, I punch a hole on their card. When a student gets 20 punches they get a small prize. Prizes might include an eraser, a piece of candy, or even lunch in the classroom with me. If you don't want to punch a hole you can stamp a space on their card or add a tiny sticker. Then, give them another punch card to get another 20 punches. These punch cards will get your students to behave all year long! 

I have a tin can with Popsicle sticks in them. Each popsicle stick is numbered. I assign my students a number each year. When I'm teaching, I'll pull a stick out of the tin can and the number I pull out has to answer the question. This will keep your students on their toes and listening just in case their stick gets pulled from the tin can. All students get a chance to answer a question. This is also fair for them knowing everyone has an equal chance of being called on to answer. These sticks come in handy! You never know when you need to call on someone or get their attention when you shake the tin can. 

Whole class rewards are a great management tool to build a classroom community. It's simple and easy too. I draw a jar on my white board. When the entire class is being quiet, or walking correctly in line, I draw a star in the jar. When the jar has 10 stars, the class gets something. They might get an extra 5 minutes of recess or we might play a class game. We usually brainstorm what they want as a prize. One time I brought oreo cookies in and the class reward was cookies. You can use a real jar and fill it with marbles too. Think about how you can reward the class for good behavior. This may get them working together as a team.

Hopefully, you have picked up a new trick or two for classroom management. I will keep adding ideas to this post as I find new helpful hints. Stay tuned.
See you soon,