Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Non-Fiction Ideas

 Non Fiction Story Ideas
Need some ideas on how to incorporate some more non-fiction reading in your classroom? I just wrote a post over at Classroom Tested Resources about where to get some non-fiction reading for your reading centers. I invite you to check it out! Click the picture on the left to be taken to the post! If you haven't visited Classroom Tested Resource, it's a great place to get some new ideas by some great blogger friends!

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Thursday, December 31, 2015

Happy New Year Deals for 2016
Happy New Year! Here's to a happy and healthy 2016! To kick off the new year, I have some dollar deals for you. 

Hop on over to Teachers Pay Teachers. In the search box type in #2016dollardeals. You will find about 90 products on sale for only $1. This sale will run from January 1st-4th. Most products are for 3rd - 5th Grades.

Here are my 4 products for only $1.00:
 equal equations for multiply divide Multiplication and Division word problems
  Opinion writing  Fractions on a number line
Best Wishes for 2016,

Hop on over to the Winter Freebies Pinterest Board:
 winter freebies

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Sunday, December 27, 2015

Show Me the Money Boards Freebie

 Show Me Boards
Free “Show Me” Boards are great during your small group time. These boards will give you a quick view of who is understanding how to count coins and who is not.
Give each student a Show Me the Money Board and some classroom or real coins. Instruct the students to show you the amount of money indicated in each box using the coins. Students should use the least amount of coins to show the amount of money in each box. The small number in parentheses tells the number of coins that are needed.
For beginning students, have them count out money in the way they know. Then encourage them to exchange coins (2 nickels can be exchanged for 1 dime and so on).This pack includes 6 Show Me Boards (and 6 black and white copies too). Here are what the boards look like:
 Show me the Money Show me boards
Just click the picture to download this freebie!

 Pirates treasure coin counting unit
If you like the "Show Me" boards, the Pirate Treasure's Coin Counting Unit has these boards in a pirate theme. This pack is loaded with ideas for learning and practicing to count coins. The coins in the pack include: quarters, dimes, nickels, and pennies.

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Happy coin counting,

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Monday, November 30, 2015

Winter Equal Equations and a Freebie

 Equal Equations using Multiplication and Division
How many of your students struggle with equal equations? How many of your students are still not sure about that equal sign? I have created 3 different packs to help struggling students; Single Digit Equal Equations, 2-Digit Missing Numbers using Addition and Subtraction, and Equal Equations using Multiplication and Division.

Each pack includes a worksheet and 30 task cards. I am proving the worksheet from each pack right here for FREE! There are 3 different Worksheets to choose from. Choose the worksheet that fits the needs of your classroom.

Equal Equations can be really hard for some students. These task cards and worksheets will help students practice equations with regard to the equal sign. Your math centers will come alive with these winter theme snowmen task cards.

Here is the Multiplication and Division Equal Equations:
 winter equations multiply divide

 Winter Equations using single Digit Addition and Subtraction Task Cards
Here is the Single Digit Addition and Subtraction Task Cards. This pack uses simple equations for the beginner! Click the Worksheet below to grab this freebie!
 winter single digit equal equations

 Winter 2 Digit Missing Numbers Task Cards
Here is the 2-Digit Addition and Subtraction Missing Numbers Task Cards and Worksheet. Students need to pay attention to the equal sign in order to find the correct missing number. Click the worksheet to download this freebie!  
  winter equations 2 digit
Here's to equal equations!
Happy Holidays,

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Free Holiday 4 Kinds of Sentences

 Holiday 4 Kinds of Sentences
Free 4 Kinds of Sentences Game! Do you and your students need a brush up on the 4 Kinds of Sentences? This is a fun little game to brush up on this skill. 

Players roll a die and states a holiday sentence. For example if Player 1 had to state an exclamation sentence, his sentences might be "I hear Santa on the Roof!" or "The snow is crashing into the house!" If all the other players agree that player 1 stated an exclamation sentence, he may advance on the game board. The first player to the final circle is declared the winner. 

Click the picture to download your freebie!

Happy Holidays,

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Sunday, November 15, 2015

Holiday Tradition Writing Freebie

 Free Family Tradition
Need a writing assignment? Try this Holiday Tradition Writing! Students write about a tradition their family does during the holiday. There are 3 pages to choose from. Students can writing about a Thanksgiving tradition now or assign this later during the Christmas holiday. Click the picture to download this freebie.

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Happy writing,

For more holiday resources, try these:
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Saturday, November 14, 2015

Free Thanksgiving Meal Worksheet

 Free Thanksgiving Word Problem Worksheet
Freebie! This word problem freebie has students calculating a Thanksgiving meal. Students use their number sense as they add and subtract money! Use this worksheet for classwork or homework. If this activity is too hard, students could use calculators to find their answers. Click the picture to download your freebie.

Happy Thanksgiving!
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Friday, November 13, 2015

Thanksgiving Compare and Contrast Freebie

 Thanksgiving Compare Freebie
Happy Thanksgiving! Here is a freebie to use for some comparing and contrasting writing for the Thanksgiving Holiday. Two different sets of images are included. Students can use the Venn Diagram to compare or use the writing paper. 

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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Wtchy Wednesday Dollar Deals

Today is Witchy Wednesday Dollar Deal Day! On the Teachers Pay Teachers Site, type in the hashtag: #witchywednesday in the search box to find some fun dollar deals! This deal is for today only!! (October 21, 2015)

Here are my 4 products that are only $1 today:
 Bone Chilling Stories Halloween Theme Pack
 Halloween Word Problems RIP

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