Monday, August 17, 2015

Free Place Value Mats and Activity for Reading Numbers

Free Place Value Mats Colored
Free Place Value Mats and Numbers to practice reading and saying numbers. There are three mats included to serve the needs of everyone in your classroom.

Use this activity as a whole group, small group, partners, or teams.  You will be able to see who is able to read and identify numbers in your classroom.

Here is the black and white version:
 Free Place Value Mats black and white
Need more place value ideas? Here is one for numbers in the thousands and hundred thousands place.
 Place Value Land to Hundred Thousands Place
Check here for more Place Value Resources:
 Place Value Resources
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Sunday, July 26, 2015

Free Non Fiction Organizer

 Free Non Fiction Graphic Organizer
Free Non-Fiction Organizer. This graphic organizer is perfect for summarizing non-fiction articles like classroom news readers from Scholastic or Weekly Reader. (any non fiction article will work)

Students write the article's name or main idea in the topic.
Vocabulary: Students write the bold words and their definitions.
Facts: Students write some facts about the article.
Questions: Students write some questions about the article or even questions they still might have.
Opinions: Students write their opinion about the article giving at least one reason why they feel that way.

Click the picture to download this freebie.

 Book Talk is great to help students start talking about books.
Need more graphic organizers? Book Talk has several versions for reading fiction and non fiction material. Book Talk also has book reports, reading activities, and some fun reading logs. Check it out. It's perfect for 2nd and 3rd graders.

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Saturday, July 25, 2015

Freebie! Simple Addition and Subtraction Task Cards

 Free simple addition task cards
 FREEBIE! 10 Free Task Cards using simple equations with addition and subtraction facts. These task cards are a sample of the Monster Equations Unit. Use the task cards at a math center or for a pre/post assessment.

Monster Equations come in 5 different Units. Each unit has 50 task cards. All units use simple addition and subtraction facts 1-9. This is a perfect unit to use all year long to keep addition and subtraction facts fresh and able to practice facts with ease. You can also purchase all units together for a bundled price.

The 5 Monster Equation Units Include:
 Add 3 Addends Task CardsSimple Addition Task Cards Simple addition and subtraction using missing numbers
 Simple Addition Task Cards Unit Equal Equations using simple addition
 These 5 packs are also available together in a Bundled Pack
 Monster Equations
  This unit is perfect for K-1st Grade Classrooms just learning 
their addition and subtraction facts.

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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Free Posters or Anchor Charts for the Classrom

Need some posters or anchor charts to jazz up your classroom? Here are some FREE educational posters to hang on your bulletin boards or to use when teaching a lesson.

Take One, Share One, or take them all, they're free!

 Free 44 Sounds of the English Language   Free Sounds for the suffix ed
 Free Reading Poster Who What When Where Why How  Free ask and answer questions
 Free Capital Letter Poster  Free CAPS poster Editing Tool
 Plural Noun Poster Free Plural Noun and Possessive Poster
FREE Transition Word Poster  Free Writing Process Poster
Free 4 Kind of Sentences Posters Free 4 Kinds of Sentences Posters
 Free Poster Zip Your Lips and Read
 Free Multiplication Poster Free Division Poster
 Free Subtraction Strategy  Free Capacity Poster
 Free Time Poster

 Free Scientific Poster  Star Student Posters
Need more? 
Try this Pinterest Board full of Posters and Anchor Charts for the Classroom. 
All FREE! 
 Pinterest Board full of Anchor Charts and Posters for the Classroom
Need more Posters or Anchor Charts?
Try these Paid Products by Teacher's Take-Out!
 Reading Strategy Posters
 6 Traits Writing Posters 6 Traits Writing Posters
 Grammar Posters Opening and Closing Statements
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