Monday, July 18, 2016

Free ABC Order Strips

 Free ABC Order Strips
Free ABC Order Strips! These ABC Order Strips can be used for a variety of resources in the classroom. Laminate and cut into strips. Place strips in a cup for students to grab when they need them. The strips will help students put words in ABC order. Use the ABC Strips for small group time or as part of your lesson. They make great bookmarks too! Also included are black and white copies! 

 ABC Order to the 3rd Letter
These strips are also included in the ABC order packs for 2nd and 3rd letter. These packs will help students practice ABC order. Each pack includes Task Cards, Centers, and Worksheets.
 ABC Order to the 2nd Letter

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Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Interesting Tidbits

 free interesting tidbit
I have a fun activity to do on Meet the Teacher Night or on the 1st Day of School. Have students fill out an "Interesting Tidbits" sheet about themselves. They write one thing or tidbit that others might not know about them. For example some students might write, "I have 5 dogs.", "I have 4 brothers and sisters.", or "My dad is in the army."   Nothing personal should be shared. Collect all the sheets and read them on the First Day of School. The students have to guess who the interesting tidbit belongs to. This is a fun way to get to know students in the classroom. Then I bind all of them together and make a classbook. The book is placed in our classroom library to be read over and over.

This activity was beneficial in many ways. One way was it got students to do an activity while I was busy at Meet the Teacher Night by meeting with parents and other students. The second way was for me to assess my student's writing skills before getting to know them yet. I could tell what kind of writer each student was, if they could write a complete sentence, and/or who was having trouble with their writing. All of this was great knowledge of my students before meeting them.

Just click the picture above to download this freebie.

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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Write About It Freebie

 Write About It Freebie
I have a fun and engaging writing activity for 1st-3rd graders! This FREE worksheet has students using their imagination about the monster. They answer who, what, when, where, and why questions about the picture. Then they use the information in their answers to write about the monster.

Use the example provided in the freebie to spark some interest and get students excited to write their own version of the monster and his crazy adventures.

Just click the picture above to download this FREE worksheet!

 Write About It using who what when where why
If you want more worksheets to Write About It, this pack has 60 pages of pictures for students to use their imagination. These are great fillers for homework, busy work, or as part of your writing lesson. These are perfect for paragraph writing!

Click the picture on the left to purchase 60 pages of Write About It worksheets. Right now, they are 50% off.

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Need More Writing Ideas? Click the Picture:
 Writing Resources from Teachers Take Out

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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

The Pledge of Allegiance Activity and Freebie

I have a fun activity to do with the American flag and the Pledge of Allegiance. Students use tear art to make the flag and then write the words of the pledge on the white spaces of the flag. 

Here are the materials you need to make this Tear Art Flag Craftivity:
·        1 12x18 white construction paper
·        ½ sheet of 12x18 red construction paper
·        ¼ piece of blue construction paper
·        Some extra white paper to make the stars
·        Glue

Have students tear 7 long strips of red construction paper and glue to the 12x18 white construction paper. Make sure there is a red strip at the top and a red strip at the bottom of the flag. Glue the blue construction paper square in the top right corner of the flag and tear 50 tiny pieces of white paper and glue on the blue paper to represent the stars. (Tearing 50 tiny pieces of white paper was the hardest part of this activity.)

Then have student write in PENCIL the words of the Pledge of Allegiance on the white stripes of the flag. Then they can go over their pencil marks in black marker. These are really cute hung in the hallways and in classrooms. 

 Pledge or allegiance freebie
Use this FREE guide to give to students to make it easy to copy the words onto the tear art flag. Just click the picture to the left to download this freebie. 

This is a fun and easy educational activity to do anytime or during any patriotic holiday!

The United States rocks!
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Need more patriotic ideas? 
Try this PowerPoint Presentation with some fun facts about all 44 American Presidents!
This presentation is perfect for any classroom.
 PowerPoint Presentation of American Presidents

Need some fun ideas to learn the states and capitals?
Try this pack loaded with games and practice sheets:
 States and Capital Activities

Try this Pinterest Board already full of American Holiday Freebies!
 All American Freebies

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Thursday, May 5, 2016

Free Super Multiplication and Division Worksheets

 super multiplication and division worksheets
Need some multiplication and division worksheets? I have a SUPER fun pack all about multiplication and division facts 1-10. Each pack includes 50 pages for a grand total of 100 WORKSHEETS. This Super Hero theme is used throughout which makes the worksheets engaging and fun. There is plenty of variety and practice to supplement your homework, use for seat or busy work, or to use as part of your lesson. This super pack is loaded with engaging puzzles to practice facts.

 Free multiplication and division worksheets
Here is a FREE PREVIEW of what the multiplication AND division worksheets look like. Feel free to download them and use them in your classroom. Try them out and see if you like them. Click the picture to the left to download four FREE worksheets.

 multiplication worksheets
I post these packs over at Teachers Pay Teachers.  I also offer a discount on all my products right here on my blog. Click the link below to find each product at an already discounted price. =)
Super Multiplication Worksheets:

 division worksheets
Here is the Division Pack. The picture links you over to Teachers Pay Teachers which is a great store to find some really nice resources that teachers use in their classroom. The link below directs you to my store right here on Teacher's Take Out and offers you a discounted price.
Super Division Worksheets:

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Looking for more multiplication and division? Try here:
 multiplication and division

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Saturday, April 2, 2016

Rounding Activities and Free Worksheets

Meet the Rockin Rounders! Here are some fun task cards, worksheets, and games to practice rounding. A variety of choices to meet the needs of your classroom. 
Each Pack comes with a FREE Worksheet

Scroll down to find the worksheet that's right for your classroom

 Rounding 2 Digit Numbers
Rounding 2-Digit Numbers has 4 math centersIt includes: 
40 Task Cards that students round 2-Digit Numbers to the nearest ten. Use these task cards at a math center along with a recording sheet or use them to play on one of the 4 game boards. 
An  additional set of 10 Task Cards asking the students which numbers round to the number on the task card. Students use a recording sheet to record their answers. 
4 game boards to use the task cards to play games. 
5 Worksheets to use at centers or to send home for homework.

 free worksheet rounding 2 digit numbers
Here is a FREE Rounding 2-Digit Number pre/post worksheet. Click the picture to download it. Use it to check to see if your students are rockin and rollin on their rounding. 

You can find this pack right here on Teacher's Take-Out at a discounted price:

 Rounding 3 Digit Numbers
Rounding 3-Digit Numbers has 4 Math Centers It includes: 
40 Task Cards that students round 3-Digit Numbers to the nearest ten and hundred.  
Another set of 20 Task Cards asking the students which numbers round to the number on the task card.  
4 game boards to use to with the task cards. 
8 Worksheets. Plus a BONUS, Rounding Cards. These are rounding tips students use to practice rounding. Use the rounding cards as reminders on how to round. 

This rockin rounding unit will have your students reinforcing rounding 3-digit numbers and it will give your rounding unit a rockin boost! Click the picture below to download a FREE worksheet from this set

 Rounding 3 Digit Numbers
You can find this pack right here on Teacher's Take-Out for a discounted price:

 Rounding 4 Digit Numbers
Rounding 4 Digit Numbers has 4 Math Centers It includes: 
40 Task Cards that students round 4-Digit Numbers to the nearest ten, hundred, and thousand. 
Another set of 20 Task Cards asking the students which numbers round to the number on the task card. 
4 game boards to use with the task cards.
10 Worksheets
Click the picture below to download a FREE pre/post worksheet. Check to see if your students are rockin and rollin with their rounding skills.
 Free rounding 4 digits
Check out this pack Discounted at Teacher's Take-Out

You can also find these packs in a Bundle here:
 Rounding 2 and 3 Digit Numbers  Rounding 3 and 4 Digit Numbers
You will be a Rock Star Teacher with these fun Rounding Units! Your students will have a rockin time while learning and reinforcing rounding! 

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You can find classroom resources at a discounted price.
 teachers take out products

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Saturday, March 12, 2016

Free St. Patrick's Day Math Game

 Free St. Patricks Day Math Game
Free St. Patrick's Day Tic Tac Toe Game to use with addition or multiplication facts. All you need are these Tic Tac Toe boards, 2 dice, and a pencil.

Players decide if they will be X or O. They roll 2 dice and add them together. If their sum is on the board they cover it with their X or O. First Player to make a tic tac toe on the board is the winner.

Choose to play the version of addition or multiplication. These games are a great and fun way to reinforce math facts.

Just click the picture above to download this freebie!

Happy St. Patty's Day!

 Addition Dice Games
Different versions of these Tic Tac Toe Games are also available in these addition and multiplication packs too. Keep those math facts fluent with these fun dice games to use at any center or during your math lesson.

 multiplication dice games Addition Dice Games Kid Theme Monster Multiplication Dice Games

 Free St Patricks Day Ideas
Try this Pinterest Board full of Freebies to use in the classroom for St. Patrick's Day.

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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Non-Fiction Ideas

Do you use Scholastic News, Time for Kids, or Weekly Reader in your classroom? If you do, I have a great idea for you. I save these flyers and cut out the articles that are kid friendly and interesting. I glue the articles to colored construction paper and laminate them. Then, I store them in a Ziplock bag. After a few years of doing this, I have a ton of non-fiction articles that are ready to use.  
Once you have some articles saved up, place them at a reading center along with a graphic organizer. Sometimes I write up a set of questions about a certain article and have the students answer them individually or with teams. I only have to do this one time for that article and I can use the set of questions over and over again. Also, most graphic organizers will fit any article. Depending on the grade level you teach and how difficult the article is, the students should be able to do this independently.

 non fiction graphic organizers
Here is a FREE graphic organizer you can use with any non-fiction reading. Just click the picture on the left and you will be able to download this graphic organizer freebie!

If you do not use a "weekly reader" in your classroom, sometimes I have used old magazines that the library discards too. I try to find kid friendly articles or stories to add to my collection. 

We all know that non-fiction reading can be extremely hard for students to read and comprehend. These little articles are a great way to incorporate more non-fiction reading in your classroom for very little cost and prep time. 

Hopefully you can use this tip!
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