Would You Rather Opinion Starters and a Freebie

Do you like, "Would You Rather..." questions? I have created a way to practice more opinion writing in the classroom using the would you rather questions. Your students will start thinking about and wanting to express their opinion for the given prompts. 
Would You Rather Opinion Starters has 40 writing prompts that ask students a "Would You Rather..." question. The student decides which of the two items they would want to do or have and write about it stating their opinion, listing three reasons to support their opinion, and ending with a closing statement. 

This pack has a FREE sample: Would you rather meet a fairy or an elf? Click the picture below and try this resource in your classroom today.  

Would you rather meet an elf or a fairy?

I have another, "Would You Rather...." set of questions. This time it focuses on fractions instead of writing. These task cards ask students a questions of what they would rather have more or less of. Students will be comparing fractions in this engaging set of task cards. Here is a blog post all about these task cards. Click HERE to read more. 

Opinion Writing Worksheets
Opinion Writing Worksheets are designed to help beginning writers form an opinion paragraph. This pack includes 34 writing prompts that help guide beginning writers bring their opinion paragraph to life. What I love about this pack is it's ready to go. All you have to do is print, no prep! Click the picture on the left to read more about these opinion worksheets.

Opinion Writing Task Cards
Would you rather use task cards instead of worksheets to write opinion paragraphs? These opinion task cards are a sure thing to motivate your students to start writing. This pack also comes with ways to start their opinion writing, transition words to use, and closing statements that are perfect for opinion writing. 

Here are holiday Opinion Writing task cards. These are great to keep the opinion writing going all year long. Click on the picture below to read more about them.

Fall Opinion Writing PackSpring Opinion WritingWinter Opinion Writing
Here are some fun books for teaching opinion writing:
In My Opinion
Stella Writes an Opinion
I want a Dog: My Opinion Essay
Mr. Fact and Miss Opinion

Winter Fact and Opinion Task Cards
I also have a winter theme Fact and Opinion task cards. Students decide if the 30 sentences are a fact or an opinion. These are great for 2nd-3rd grade classrooms. A great way to review fact and opinion over the holiday season. 

What is your opinion on these opinion ideas? Feel free to leave your opinion below.
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