Vowel Song

Teaching students vowel sounds will help them become good readers. Students need to know the names of the vowels and the sounds they make. When you learn and know about vowels, it will help students tackle reading with ease. To keep students interested, I found this vowel song years ago. I don't have a reference of where I got it, but it's so much fun to sing! I have been using this for years that I had to share it. I sing it every year I teach. It has a catchy tune and it has a few fun reminders of the vowel sounds.

FREE Vowel Song to the tune of Oscar Mayer
This song is to the tune of the Oscar Mayer Wiener song. Your students will love it! Perfect for any grade level!

My vowels have a first name: these are the short vowel sounds. My vowels have a second name: these are the long vowel sounds. Spell out the word "vowels" at the end.

Click the picture to download this freebie and start singing with your students!

I found some other fun phonics songs on Amazon. Click the links below to check out some other songs I sing with students that they love!

Are you looking for a set of word families? You will never have to brainstorm a word list again. This pack has over 190 phonics sounds right at your fingertips. Use this pack to help with your phonics lessons or use this pack to help students learn word families and practice reading a list of words. Leave the phonics sheets whole or cut them into strips and hang them on a ring to make it easy for students to grab and read! 

I also have a set of phonics worksheets for beginners. These set of worksheets can be used with any phonics unit. They are great to send home for homework too. Click any picture below to learn more about each pack.

I found some other phonics worksheets at Amazon. I linked them below to make it easy for you to view. 

Phonics and Foundational Skills
I have a ton of phonics activities to use in K-3 classrooms. Just click the picture on the left to see more phonics ideas that I can deliver to your classroom!

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  1. That is catchy! Thank you for sharing. I can't wait to use it with my class.
    Forever A Teacher, Forever A Learner

  2. Can someone tell me how to download a children's song from YouTube to my phone?

  3. I don't know how to download a particular video, but I know how to convert a song from YouTube online to mp3 format. To do this you will need a Ytmp3 tool. Don't worry, it's completely free and you can convert an unlimited number of videos per day. I think you will definitely find this useful tool useful. Glad to help!

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