Vocabulary Words Journal -Freebie!

Where would we be without words? Words help us communicate. Building a strong vocabulary will enhance reading, writing, and speaking well. This FREE Vocabulary Book will help your students expand their vocabulary knowledge and dissect words. This little journal will help keep all their words in one nice, little place. 
Free Vocabulary Journal
Assemble 10-20 pages together, cut in half, and staple together to create a mini vocabulary book. Use the cover page included to make the book complete.

Students write the vocabulary word in the middle cloud. They write the definition of the word on the top box. They write an antonym and synonym on the left and right  side of the vocabulary word. Students write a connection they have with the word. This could be something that they already know or a clue to help them remember the word. Then, students write a sentence using the vocabulary word. 

This little Vocabulary Book can be used for any subject. If you wanted to keep a book of science words, use the Vocabulary Book to keep track of all the words in each unit. If you wanted to keep track of vocabulary words during reading time or with a story or book you are reading, use the Vocabulary Book. The Vocabulary Book can be used for:

o a reading story
o unit of study
o spelling
o math vocabulary
o grammar words

Here are some great resources that I have used in the classroom. I linked them to AMAZON so it will be easy for you view. 
Reference Set for 3rd - 5th Graders

I hope this little booklet helps.
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