Contractions Bingo Game Freebie!

Contractions are great for writing words shorter to save some time. But there is some confusion when students shorten the words. Contract means to make smaller. Students contract two words into one small word. This is what students need to remember about contractions:

  • The first word always stays the same (except for the word; will not, won't)
  • The apostrophe goes where the letters come out.

I have a Free Contractions Bingo game to practice this skill. This 2-Player game has students matching the two words that make a contraction to the contraction word on their bingo board. The first player to make a bingo is the winner! All you need to play are the Bingo Boards and Contraction Cards. Click the picture for your free download! 

Place the Contractions Bingo Game in you center rotations or use during small group time. Play after teaching or reviewing contractions. Feel free to send home for homework to play with a family member.
 Contractions Bingo for 2 Players

Place the Contraction Cards and some writing paper at a Writing Center. Students use the cards to write sentences using the contraction word. Check students for understanding. It helps to remember the first word stays the same and the apostrophe replaces the letters that come out. The only time this rule doesn't apply is for the contraction word, will not - won't.

Try this pack of Contraction Task Cards. It includes 3 centers.
The first center has 40 task cards that students choose from multiple choice answers to find the correct contraction.
The second center has 36 task cards. Each task card has a contraction. The students write the two words that make up the contraction.
The third center has 36 task cards. Each task card the two words that make up the contraction. Students write the contraction that make up the the two words.
This pack will keep your students sharp on reading and writing contractions all year long.

Here are some resources you may need when teaching contractions:
Contraction Puzzles
Contraction Chart
If You Were a Contraction - book

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