Pick the Right Book

How many of your students come back from the library with a book that is too hard or too easy for them? How do you gently tell them to choose another book? I use this poster to help students gage themselves to see if the book they are reading is "Just Right" for them. Use the FREE poster below to help students pick out the 'Right Book' for independent reading time. Just click the picture below to download this freebie!
 Free 5 Finger Rule Poster
Students open the book to any page and read it. They put up a finger for every word they miss or cannot sound out. If no words are missed, the book is too easy and they should choose a harder book. If they miss more than 4 words on the page, the book is too hard and they should choose an easier book. This seems to help students find the right book for them. 

Hopefully this helps.
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  1. We show our kids the "Five Finger" strategy for counting errors when they are picking a new book, but they aren't faithful about using it. I think this poster will help serve as a constant visual reminder to use the strategy. Thanks for sharing, Stacy @ http://new-in-room-202.blogspot.com.