Free ABC Order Strips

Do your students need to work on ABC order? I have these Free ABC Order Strips that can be used in a variety of ways in the classroom. Laminate and cut-out strips. Place strips in a cup for students to grab when they need them. The strips will help students put words in ABC order. Use the ABC Strips for small group time or as part of your lesson. They make great bookmarks too! Also included are black and white copies to save on paper! Click the picture below to download these ABC Order strips.  
FREE ABC Order Strips
ABC Order 3rd Letter
These strips are also included in the ABC order packs below for 1st, 2nd and 3rd letter. Any pack will help students practice putting words in ABC order. Each pack includes task cards and worksheets. Use the ideas in each pack at a reading center, for extra practice, or for homework. These ABC order packs also come bundled in case you are working on more than one letter at a time. Click any pack to read more about it and see the bundles.
ABC Order 2nd LetterABC Order 1st Letter

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Clip Factory
I also created the clipart in the ABC Order packs listed above. These packs are original! Click the "Clip Factory" button to see more of my clipart. You can create your own resources with some cute clipart. 


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