Here is a list of Phonics Resources for K-3 Classrooms:

 Word Families in List Form
You'll never have to brainstorm a list again. This pack has 190 lists! These are perfect for students to read and for you to help create your phonics lessons. This pack includes long and short vowel sounds. 
 Word Families Example

 Clip It Task Cards Bundle
Do you use Clip It cards in the classroom? This bundle uses initial, medial, and final sounds of a cvc word. It has tas cards and worksheets all bundled into one. You can buy each one separately too. Clothespins are needed to clip the answer on each task card. All task cards and worksheets uses CVC pictures. These are perfect for beginning readers and a great hands on activity.

Each Set of Clip it Task Cards Pack comes with 6 worksheets. It you're interested in purchasing ONLY the worksheets try here: (Again, if you have purchased the clip it task cards, you do not need these worksheets)
 Worksheets using initial, middle, and final sounds of a cvc word
These Strips are all about CVC Short Vowel Words.
Get students excited about reading with these fun and engaging strips.
 CVC Picture Cards
CVC Picture Cards has 20 task cards. Each task card displays 9 pictures that form CVC words. Students write the 9 words. Students will have practice sounding out words and writing the sounds they hear. All pictures represent 3-letter words.

 CVC Comprehension Task Cards
CVC Sentences for Reading Comprehension has 100 Task Cards, Each vowel sound includes 20 task cards. Students read the 2 sentences on the each task card and decide which sentence describes the picture. These are great for small group time or an alternative to worksheets.
 CVC Comprehension Task Cards Example
 CVC Worksheets
This pack of CVC Worksheets include 35 pages of nothing but identifying, reading, and writing CVC Words. This pack includes 7 fun pages for each vowel sound. This pack includes:
2 Worksheets to identify the word and picture.
2 Worksheets to find words in a word back to match with a picture.
1 Worksheet to read a set of words and identify the real words.
1 Worksheet to put a set of words into 4 categories
1 Worksheet to cut and paste the word with the picture.

 CVC Rhyming Worksheets
This pack includes 36 worksheets all about rhyming CVC Words. This pack includes 5 pages of activities for each vowel sound and 11 pages of mixed vowels to use for assessments. 
These are great to use at your small group time for a quick assessment of who's reading and rhyming. Place a worksheets at a reading center or send home for homework for extra practice. 
Here are CVCC Products and Activities:
 CVCC Worksheets CVCC Picture Cards
 Phonics Fusion CVCC Spin a Word Games CVCC Word Strips

 Base Words Task Cards
Base Words includes 50 task cards to help students identify base words. These are great for students being able to take words apart by looking for prefixes and suffixes and then locating the base word. Use the task cards for a reading center or for a 2-4 player game. 
 Base Words Task Cards Example

 Base Words Worksheets
Here are a set of 30 worksheets using 30 base words. Students use prefixes and suffixes to create new words from the base word. They also use the new words they created and segment into spelling rules, write them into sentences, or give the new definition of the new word. These are great for small group.
 Base Words Worksheets

 Vowel Sound Task Cards
Vowel Sounds include 40 task cards to use as a center or for a 2-Player Game. They are great for reviewing phonics and preparing for test prep practices. These task cards can be used as part of your lesson or during small group time. 
You can find Vowel Sounds right here on Teacher's Take-Out for a discounted price:

 Non Sense Words using Games and Assessments
Non-Sense Words will help students with their phonics. They are tested to see if they know how to sound out words, recognize vowel sounds, and understand the words they are reading.

This pack includes 6 sets of Non-Sense Words to use for a center or for a game. Each set has 12 Real Words and 12 Non-Sense Words. 

• cvc
• blends
• digraphs
• CVCe
• dipthong-r
• multisyllabic
 Phonics Fusion Word Lists
Phonics Fusion includes 20 word lists or 20 worksheets. These are are great for centers, small group, or team building. Students make as many words as they can by matching the blend, digraph, or consonant on the left with a vowel sound on the right.

For example:

Student One can use br on the left of the list and make a word with ide on the right to make the word bride. Student Two can also use the br on the left and with ing on the right to make the word bring.
Use at a center for students to generate 10 words.
Use at small group time to go around the table as students take turns generate words.
Use as a team building activity as students go around the table taking turns generating new words. Which team can make the most words?
This is a fun way for students to make words, understand sounds, and a challenge to find all possible words at the top of the list.
 Phonics Fusion Task Cards Phonics Fusion Worksheets
You can find these Word Lists right here on TTO:

 Long and Short Vowel Sounds
Students will be able to distinguish long vowel sounds from short vowel sounds when reading words.

This pack has 5 games  and 5 centers (1 for each vowel) to play. Use the set of cards to play a game or to sort at a reading center. A recording sheet and answer key is included. Students match long vowel words and short vowel words. Here are 2 examples for Vowel A.

 Long A Words Long Short Vowel Worksheet Example
Here is a FREE long and short vowel poster. This also comes in a black and white copy. These look great on your reading wall or in students' folders. Just click the picture below to download this freebie! 
  Free Long and Short Vowel Poster in Black and White
You can find Long/Short Vowels right here on Teacher's Take-Out at a discounted price:

Word Puzzles Using Onset and Rime Cut and Paste Worksheets
 40 Word Puzzles using Onset and Rime
Teaching children about onset and rime helps them recognize common “chunks” within words.
The "onset" is the initial phonological unit of any word (e.g. b in bag or sw in swim)

The term "rime" refers to the string of letters that follow, usually a vowel and final consonants (e.g. ag in bag or im in swim)

Why teach “onset” and “rimes”?

They help children learn about word families, which can help when learning spelling strategies. Students will be able to decode new words when reading and spell words when writing. Teaching children “onset” and “rime” will have a positive effect on their literacy skills.
 Word Puzzles Example
Knowledge of phonological awareness can bring reading and spelling success. This pack includes 40 puzzles with 3 levels (easy, medium, hard) Here is an example of one of the puzzles. Students cut out the letters and glue them next to the the correct "onset" to form real words.
You can find Word Puzzles right here for a discounted price:

 Blends and Digraphs
6 Blends and Digraphs File Folder Games:
This download has 6 file folder games that include:

L-Blends (bl, cl, fl, gl, pl, sl)
S-Blends (st, sp, sk, sw, sn, sc, sm)
R-Blends (br, cr, dr, fr,gr, pr, tr)
Digraphs (ch, sh, th, wh)
End Blends (mp, nd, ft, lp, lt, nt, nk)
Triple Blends (str, squ, scr, spr, spl)

Each File Folder game has 2 set of words for short vowel and a long vowel version. Each file folder game is a 2-player game where students draw cards, reads them, and places them on their side of the file folder. The first player to cover their side of the file folder first is the winner. Below are the 6 game boards:
You can find Blends and Digraphs right here on
Teacher's Take-Out:

 CVCE Comprehension Task Cards Silent e Games Silent e Worksheets
Need some help with silent e words? These three products will have your students reading, writing, and learning those tricky silent e words. Silent e Worksheets have 44 pages of  silent e words using all the vowel sounds. This pack has a variety to use all year long. Silent e Games has 10 board games to roll for a word, find it on the game board and cover it. The first person to cover 5 words on the game board is the winner. Silent e Sentences has 75 task cards, separated by vowel sounds, to practice reading and comprehending sentences.

Try this freebie to practice reading short and long vowel words.
 CVC and CVCE Words Long Short

 CVC and CVCE Picture Cards
 This pack is great to have students recognize and write CVC words and CVCE words. If your students are having a hard time going from a short to long vowel this pack may help students practice writing these words. This pack is perfect for reading and wrting centers or during your small group time! 
 Snakes and Ladders is a fun game using HFW from the Fry word list (1-200) Your students will squeal with delight. Try a free game today. Click on the game board below. 
 Free Snakes and Ladder Game Board
You can find Snakes and Ladders HFW Game right here for a discounted price:

Snakes and Ladders also comes in Dolch Words and Vowel Sounds:
 Snakes and Ladders using Dolch Words Snakes and Ladders Vowel Sounds
 Word Family Games
Need more short vowels? Word Family Games center around the 5 short vowels. It includes 11 game boards (2 for each sound.) Each game board comes with a spinner. Players spin to make words and move around the game board. 
These are great for reading centers, small group time, partner games, or send home for homework. 

You can also find Word Family Games right here on Teacher's Take-Out for a discounted price:

 CVC Alphabet Soup
Alphabet Soup is a fun and cute little pack that students use to form CVC Words. Students use a task card that has 6 letters in a soup bowl. They arrange those letters to make CVC Words. These are great for students to learn to find and recognize simple 3 letter words. A black and white version is included. 
 ABC Order to the 3rd Level
Here are three packs for ABC Order to the 1st, 2nd and 3rd letter. Each pack includes task cards and worksheets to use use at reading centers or small group. Each pack can be sold separately.
 ABC Order to the 2nd Letter ABC Order to the 1st Letter
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