Addition and Subtraction

 Some fun Resources using Operations!
This is a great little unit to learn the combination of 10! It includes over 10 centers to help learn the numbers that make 10.
 A unit to help with combinations of 10

 adding addends
Addition with 3, 4, 5, and 6 Addends has 64 task cards. These are great for finding 10's! A fun popcorn theme is used. 

Fact Drills are perfect to drill those addition and subtraction skills. Save some paper too. 
There are a total of 32 facts on each half sheet. 70 Drills included! 
 Fact Drills using Addition and Subtraction
 20 Spin a Fact Worksheets using 2 digit numbers
Spin a Fact has 20 worksheets that have students practicing adding and subtracting 2-digit numbers. These worksheets use grouping and no grouping. Each worksheet will have different answers each time you use them. Great for additional practice and to have something fun adding and subtracting. 
Need some addition games? This pack has 18 game boards that are used for playing with 2 dice. The game boards are kid friendly and easy to use. If your students are learning their addition facts, than this is the pack for you.  The next set has the same games, but they add 10 more!
 Addition Games using Dice with Facts 1 to 6  Addition Add 10 Games
Do you use QR codes in the classroom? Try these two packs that work on addition skills.
 Add Them Up QR Codes True False Equations using QR codes
Mystery Math and Missing Numbers has some fun activities. 
This unit is great to integrate with your mystery unit.  
 Mystery Math includes 3 math centers
Apple Addition and Subtraction have addition or subtraction fact cards and some cool board games to use with the fact cards. 
Apple Addition Games Apple Subtraction Games
These 2 packs are all about Equal Equations.
Addition and Subtraction equations with regard to the equal sign.  
30  Equal Equation Task Cards  Equal Equations Task Cards
Monster Equations has 100 Task Cards using 2-Digit Numbers for Addition and Subtraction skills. These are super cute!  
 Monster Equations 2-Digit
This Monster Pack is dedicated to simple addition and subtraction facts.
You can purchase each one separately or all together bundled. 
 Add three addends using simple additon Simple Subtraction Task Cards Missing Numbers using Simple Addition Facts
  Simple addition and subtraction using equal equations  Simple Addition Task Cards
Subtraction Across Zeros comes in two packs. Depending on the level of your classroom, choose subtracting across two zeros or three zeros.  This is always a tricky skill for many students. These packs have some fun ideas to practice this skill. 
Subtract Across Two Zeros Subtracting Across Three Zeros
Have you tried Number Ladders? 
They are so much fun and are perfect for number sense.
There are five version available too. 
 Number Ladders Single Digit Addition Number Ladders Place Value 1s 10s 100s Number Ladders 2_Digit Addition and Subtraction
  Number Ladders Multiplication and Division Number Ladders Multiply Divide Add Subtract

Fact Family Centers are great for Fact Families.
Students build equations using a number mat to make equations and number cards.
These packs come in two versions.

 Fact Family Centers Fact Family Centers for Multiplication and DIvision
Try these fun Holiday Fact Family Centers:
 fall fact families  Johnny Appleseed Math Centers

 Subtraction Strategy
Need some help on subtraction? How many of your students are frustrated when they subtract? Here is a fun little unit to practice subtraction with ease. Try here for a FREE trial.

 Addition Add 10s Super Power Thinking
Get your Super Power Thinking on with these fun and engaging math games. Students use thinking and not fingers when playing these games. These are a fun twist to the traditional Bump games. For a FREE trial game board, try here. These games come in another version too, Super Zebras!
 Super Power Thinking includes 10 Games

 Super Number Patterns Using 2 Digit Numbers
 Super Number Patterns has 3 math centers. 30 task cards have students finishing the pattern, 30 task cards have students finding the rule to the pattern, and 20 task cards have students finding the next number in a challenging pattern. A total of 80 task cards to practice 2-digit number patterns.
 Odd and Even Pack of Ideas
 This Odd/Even Pack has a few fun ideas and games to use to help students recognize Odd and Even Numbers.

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