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Phonological processing, phonetics, phoneme awareness, and phonics are an important part of our language that helps students read, spell, and write. Students need to know the sounds of the English language to help read words. Sounding out words is not the only tool they'll need to learn to read, but knowing phonics sounds is a huge part of it. Phonological skills are important for learning to read. 
 Phonics Resources

I have a few great resource for students to practice sounds. Phonics Fusion has students combining two sounds into one word. These task cards or worksheets are great for word work centers, small group, or team building. Students make as many words as they can by matching the blend, digraph, or consonant on the left with a vowel sound on the right. Each list tells how many possible words can be made.
 Phonics Fusion Word Lists  Phonics Fusion Example Task Cards
For example:
The student can blend br on the left of the list with ide on the right side of the list to make the word bride. If you use the br on the left with ing on the right to make the word bring. 

Use at a center for students to generate 10 or 12 words. Use the recording sheet to record answers or use a white board to save paper.

Use at small group time to go around the table as students take turns generating words. Here you will be able to see which students know their vowel sounds and who can blend words together.

Use as a team building activity as students go around the table taking turns generating new words. Which team can make the most words?

This pack comes with a set of 20 word lists. The word lists are also in worksheet form. Use as task cards or worksheets!

This is a fun way for students to make words, understand sounds, and a challenge to find all possible words at the top of the list. 

What I love about this product, it's great for older students who need to brush up on their phonics. These are also great for early finishers. Especially for that kid who always gets things done and they don't have anything to do. These word lists will keep them busy and challenge them too!

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Phonics Fusion List #1
 FREE Phonics Fusion Worksheet
Word Puzzles has 40 worksheets to practice onset and rime. Students combine sounds to make words. This pack is for 1-3rd grade classrooms. Students cut the letters out on the bottom and have to make real words on the top. Some puzzles are easy and some are harder. Click the pictures to read more about them. 
 Word Puzzles Onset and Rime
 CVCC Phonics Fusion
CVCC Phonics Fusion uses only 4 letter words with a consonant, vowel, consonant, consonant pattern. Words like: bath, land, bent, lick. These task cards are so cute. Students take the beginning letter and match it with a sound to make words. Each task cards tells how many words can be made. There are 24 task cards included. 
 CVCC Phonics Fusion Sample Task Cards

Here are some great phonics resources that I've used in my classroom:

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 More Phonics Resources
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