Sunday, August 18, 2013

Making Words with Word Lists

 Free word List
Freebie! Try a Word List from Making Words with Word Lists. Click the picture to the left to download list 1. These are great for word work centers, small group, or team building. Students make as many words as they can by matching the blend, digraph, or consonant on the left with a vowel sound on the right.

For example:
Student One can use br on the left of the list and make a word with ide on the right to make the word bride. Student Two can also use the br on the left and with ing on the right to make the word bring. 

Use at a center for students to generate 10 words. Use the recording sheet to record answers.

Use at small group time to go around the table as students take turns generating words. Here you will be able to see which students know their vowel sounds and who can blend words together.

Use as a team building activity as students go around the table taking turns generating new words. Which team can make the most words?

This is a fun way for students to make words, understand sounds, and a challenge to find all possible words at the top of the list.

20 Word Lists 
 Making Words with Word Lists

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