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Do you use dictation in the classroom? If you don't, maybe you should think about implementing it into your lessons. Dictation sentences help with spelling, listening skills, and understanding of the English language. It also helps with writing complete sentences and sentence structure.
 Free Daily Dictation Journal for Primary

There are 2 ways to assemble the Dictation Journal.
1.       Copy the 8x10 cover and students use the 3 entries on a page.
2.       Copy the 8x10 page and cut it into 3 equal sizes for mini-journals. Cut the writing pages to assemble behind the cover.
 Free Dictation Journal  Free Dictation Journal

Use the cover sheet for the front of the journal or use your own cover. A piece of colored construction paper cut to size works perfectly too. Students can decorate the cover in their own way.

Copy enough pages of the writing template. Or you can use your own lined paper to fill the journal.

Dictate a sentence a day to students. They write the entire sentence word for word on the writing lines.

Use spelling words, vocabulary words, math vocabulary, homophones, vowel sounds focus, descriptions, or sentences from their reading books to dictate sentences. The door is open to dictate any sentence you need students working on or thinking about.

Take it a step further and have students edit their sentences or circle the long vowel words. Use high-lighters to focus on specific words in the sentences. Students will go crazy to be able to use their high-lighters!  

Daily Dictation is something super easy to do and takes only a few minutes, AND so beneficial.

Show journals at parent/teacher conferences. Parents will be able to see how their child’s sentences improve from beginning to end. These journals also help you see which students need extra help and which students are moving to mastery.

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