Write About It Freebie

I have a fun and engaging writing activity for 1st-3rd graders! This FREE worksheet has students using their imagination about the picture. They answer who, what, when, where, and why questions about the picture. Then they use the information in their answers to write about it!

 FREE Write About It
Use the example provided in the freebie to spark some interest and get students excited to write their own version of the monster and his crazy adventures.

Just click the picture to download this FREE worksheet and begin using it today! This also comes with an example to show students how the writing should look. 

 Write About It using who what when where why
If you want more worksheets to Write About It, this pack has 60 pages of pictures for students to use their imagination. These are great fillers for homework, busy work, or as part of your writing lesson. These are perfect for paragraph writing!

Click the picture on the left to purchase 60 pages of Write About It worksheets.

Have fun writing!
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