My Clip Art

I am under a new adventure...clip art! I'm hooked. I made one little thing and poof! That one little thing turned into another thing, and another and so on. So then I started making clip art that I needed. Before I knew it, I had a ton of clip art that I had to share. I started changing out my products with the new clip art that I made. Right now, Teacher's Take-Out has original products. 

My store is called, Clip Factory where I'm producing clip art for teachers. I have a LOT to learn. I'm new to this. Teaching is my first passion. I'm going to try and make my clip art centered for teachers. Clip art that teachers can use to make their own material. 

Below you will find some of my favorite clip art. As more clip art becomes popular, I will add it here. Scroll down to the bottom for some FREEBIES! 
 Brainy Kids with a Pencil Clip Art    Detectives or Scientists
 Kid Drivers  Kids with a Coin
  Rainbow Cyclops in an Alien Spaceship  Crazy Eyes Pencils Clipart  Brainy Robots

FREE Clip Art
 Apple and Bugs FREE Clipart  FREE Rainbow Stars Clipart

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