Sunday, June 30, 2013

HFW Word Lists and Assessments - Freebie

 Free FRY HFW Lists and Assessments
FREEBIE! Fry's Word Lists 1-300 and assessment sheets. The assessment sheet has you keeping track of your student's reading all year long. There are 5 columns on the assessment sheet for 5 opportunities to see how your students are reading their HFW.

Put word lists in a reading center for students to practice reading words. Students can partner read the words together.

Send word lists home for homework so students can practice reading their HFW.

 Free HFW Lists
 HFW Game Fry Words
 Have you tried Snakes and Ladders HFW Game? These game boards are all about Fry's HFW 1-200! Your students will love reading their words while playing this game. Try the Freebie below to see if you like it.

 Free Snakes and Ladders HFW
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