Making Connections

Did you know that when we make connections, we remember more and can recall information easily?  Students who make connections while reading are better at understanding the text they are reading. It's important for students to draw on their own prior knowledge and experiences to connect with the text they are reading. When students are making connections, they are more engaged in their reading experience. Click the picture below to download this FREE reading poster on Making Connections.
 FREE Making Connections Poster
Teachers need to model for their students how to make connections so they will begin to make personal connections to the text on their own. Everytime I read a story with the students I tell them a connection I have with it and I use something from the story that I can connect in my own personal life. After we read a story, I always ask the students if there is anything in the story we just read that we can connect to another story we read earlier that year. 

I have created a poster to help students remember how to make connections. This FREE download has a poster that you may post in your classroom to share and remind students about how we make connections when reading. It also has a worksheet to write and draw their connections. Just click the picture at the top to download this free poster. 

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