Transition Words

I have a great idea poster to help students use transition words in their writing. When students are sequencing events, they should be using transition words. Transition words will make the writing flow better and distinguish one event to another. Here is an idea to make a poster to hang in the classroom. This freebie includes a poster you can make that shows the transitions words of First, Next, Then, After, and Finally. This includes directions on how to make the poster look fun and neat! It also includes three worksheets to use with writing or story sequencing. There is also a black and white copy included! Click the picture below to download and start using it today.
 Free Transition Words Poster to use for writing or reading

 Personal Narrative Writing
Personal Narratives are a great way to use transition words. When telling a story, or sequencing a story of events, the best way to write it is by using transition words. This pack, Personal Narratives, includes 30 writing prompts. Students write a topic sentence, three sequencing events, and finish with a closing or final thought. These worksheets help students stay organized to produce a paragraph. What I love about this product is that it's ready to go. All you have to do is print. 

 Story Writing Centers
Writing Stories is another way to use transition words. This pack includes 3 different writing centers to inspire students to begin writing. This pack also has graphic organizers to help students start writing their story. These are fun and engaging writing centers to use and change out throughout the year. Click the picture on the left to read more about it.
 Story Writing Center 1 Story Writing Center 2 Story Writing Centers 3

 Snowmen Sequencing
Transition words are also use when reading. This pack of Snowmen Storyboards do just that. Students need to number the eight events in order from beginning to end. Transition words are used in this pack. A great way to expose students to transition words is by using them when reading and writing. Click on the picture to read more about these 10 storyboards.
 Snowman Sequence Storyboards

 30 Task Cards to Sequence Four Sentences in Order from Beginning to End
Here are some fun Sequencing Task Cards to practice sequencing sentences. Each task card has 4 sentences that students read and then put in chronological order.

This pack comes with 30 task cards, recording sheets, and an answer key.

You can find Sequencing Task Cards right here on 
Teacher's Take-Out for a discounted price:

 Cut and Paste Sequence Reading
These sequencing worksheets will have your students reading and sequencing the story. Students read the small passage and cut the 5 sentences below the passage to put in order. These are perfect for end of 1st grade or early 2nd graders. These worksheets use transition words as students read a short passage and arrange the story in sequential order. Click the picture to read more about it.

 Book Talk Activity Pack
Book Talk is loaded with graphic organizers and ideas to use with sequencing stories. You will for sure find something in this pack to use for sequencing and using transition words. This pack has more than just graphic organizers. Click on the picture to read more about it. 

 How To Writing Worksheets
How to Worksheets will help students write in sequence and use transition words. This pack has 35 writing prompts to use all year long. What I love about these worksheets is that they are instant. Just print and write. These are also great for quick assessments or homework assignments. 

Here are some resources you may need in the classroom:
Transition Words Posters
100+ Transition Poster
Story Sequence Cards

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  1. Thank you for the list. We are working on this now in our non-fiction American business founder unit. Lots of first, next, then to explain how a business got going!

  2. I just found you from the All Things Upper Elementary link up. Thank you for the freebie. I am your newest follower.

  3. Great freebie, I love teaching writing with transition words, the kids always seem to get it! Found your blog through All Things Upper Elementary linky!

  4. These are wonderful! Thanks for linking up with All Things Upper Elementary Free 4 All.


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