1st Grade Resources

Here is a list of 1st Grade Resources using reading and math. Scroll down to see more. Click on the resource to read more about it. 

Here are a list of math resources:
 Addition and Subtraction Fact Drills
 Graphing Jars  Geometry Unit
 Add 3 Addends Monster Subtraction Task Cards Missing Numbers using Single Digits 
 Equal Equations Missing Addition Task Cards What Makes 10
 Simple Worksheets Addition and Subtraction Simple Word Problems Simple Word Problem Worksheets

Here are Reading Resources: 
 CCVC and CCVCC Words
 Silent E Worksheets CVCE Silent E Games CVCE Silent E Comprehension Sentences
 ABC Order to 3rd Letter ABC Order 2nd Letter ABC Order to the 1st Letter
 Sequence Cut and Paste Worksheets Holiday Sequence Cut and Paste Reading
 Sequencing Stories
 Apple ED Games and Centers Apple ED Sounds Task Cards

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