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 Opening and Closing Statements
 This is my best seller of all time! This pack is filled with a few ideas for opening or closing statements for students' writing. You'll be amazed how your students' opening and closing statements improve! It also includes space to practice writing opening and closing statements and gives examples of each one. 

Here is a pack of 35 How To Writing Worksheets. This pack of writing prompts will help students practice writing in sequence. These worksheets are instant. All you have to do is print! These are great for quick assessments or homework assignments. 
 Detail Writing Pack
Here is a pack dedicated to details. This pack is filled with many writing activities that are ready to go and use right now. Students will learn how to jazz up their writing when they use details. Click the picture on the left to read my blog post about it. 
 Write About It Worksheets
Write About It has 60 pages of pictures to spark some interest in writing for your students. This pack comes with a Freebie! Click the picture below to check out the freebie and try a Write About It today!
 Write About It Freebie
 Personal Narrative Writing
These Personal Narrative Worksheets are a great way to practice writing a short paragraph or narrative. These worksheets include a graphic organizer to help students organize their personal narrative into a quick paragraph. Students respond to the prompt on each page. They write a topic about their paragraph along with a topic sentence. They write 3 supporting details about the topic and close it with an end statement. Students can edit themselves or have someone edit them. Students can rewrite their rough draft in their writing journal or on another writing sheet. 
This pack includes 30 writing prompts for personal narratives.
 It used to be a.... writing prompts
It used to be a....but now it's a... writing prompts are perfect for writing centers or busy work. These writing prompts are used for creative writing. 

Student's cut-out the shape on the top right corner and place it in the blank space. They turn the shape into something. For example if I was using the circle shape, I might turn the circle into a wheel for a car or use the circle as an eye for a dog. Once student's draw their picture they write about it on the lines below the picture. 
 Story Writing Centers
Story Writing Centers include 3 centers to help generate or spark some creativity in writing for students. The three centers include:

This pack includes 3 centers. A picture from each center is shown below. Center 1: List Writing- Use all the words on the notebook to write a story. There are 16 lists included. Center 2:Story Element Cards- Each card includes two characters, a setting, and the plot. There are 18 lists included. Center 3: Mix and Match Stories- Pick 1 character, 1 setting, and 1 plot. Use the three story elements to write a story. Click the picture below to see the preview of Story Writing Centers.
 Story Writing Preview
Story Writing Centers also includes graphic organizers and writing paper to help students get started. Use these Story Writing Centers for your writing centers, homework, or early finishers. Click on the graphic organizers below to read more about this Story Writing Centers.
 Graphic Organizers for Story Writing Graphic Organizers to help with story writing Story Writing Centers for 2nd and 3rd Graders

You can find Story Writing Centers right here on TTO for a discounted price:

 Mini Workbook Daily Writing
Mini-Workbook Using Writing has 80 writing prompts (half-sheets) all about different genres of writing. Each half worksheet includes a writing prompt. Students write a response to the prompt. The prompts include a wide variety of expository, persuasive, descriptive, and narrative writing. This is perfect to get students to write in different types of writing styles. These are great for morning work or to send home for homework. Click the picture on the left to read more about it. 
 6 Traits Writing Posters

These 6-Trait Writing Posters can jazz up your writing bulletin board. Each poster displays one of the 6-Traits of Writing. Also included is a checklist for students to make sure they covered all the traits in their writing. Store the checklist in students' writing folders.

Here are the posters and checklist that are included in this pack.
You can find 6-Traits Writing Posters and Checklist right here at
Teacher's Take-Out for a discounted price.

 6 Traits Writing Posters
Here are the same Writing Poster but with different clipart of 6-Traits of Writing. These posters have a cute kid theme. Hang these on your writing wall or use when teaching a lesson.

Opinion Writing Task Cards for all year long. 4 packs include:
 Opinion Writing Task Cards Fall Opinion Writing
 Spring Opinion Writing Winter Opinion Writing

 Opinion Writing Worksheets
Opinion Writing Worksheets has 34 writing prompts to spark some opinion writing. Each worksheet displays a questions and has a graphic organizer for students to respond with their opinion, give 3 supporting details, and a conclusion sentence. The prompts are fun and kid friendly. These are perfect for 2nd-4th grade classrooms.

 Would You Rather Opinion Starters has 40 Prompts
Would You Rather...have the ability to fly or have super power strength? What is your opinion? This pack has 40 "Would You Rather..." questions that will get your students to want to express their opinion. The best thing, they will be writing! What I love about these worksheets is that they are ready to go. Just print and you're done with prep. These are great for assessments throughout the year too. These worksheets will help you see who still needs work on writing opinion paragraphs. They also make great homework assignments. Print today and you have homework instantly. Click the picture on the left to read more about it. 
 Inference Writing
Inference Writing is intended to do two things; make an inference from a picture and write their inference in a complete sentence. This pack includes 24 pictures in task card form or in a recording sheet that is cut into thirds.

These are perfect for beginning writers in K-1st grade.


 Compare and Contrast Writing Worksheets and Task Cards
Compare and Contrast Writing Worksheets and Task Cards include 24 Picture Prompts. Use the picture prompts in a Venn Diagram, as a writing page, or as a task card. Use the Venn Diagram to write quick comparisons. Use the writing pages to write complete sentences as students compare. Use the task cards for small group time or oral comparisons. Either way, this pack is ready to use in your classroom today. Just print and compare! 

R.I.P has students putting old and boring words to rest. Jazz up your students' writing with this fun and hilarious activity.  Replace those over used words that make writing dull with new and energizing words that make writing come alive. 

This is a perfect lesson for 4th and 5th grade classrooms.
 Word Choice Posters
Word Choice Posters includes 24 posters that give 15 "better" or "juicier" words than the dull, overused words. Posters also have 7 sentences to practice replacing the overused word. These posters look great on a word wall and will enhance your writing unit. Click the picture on the left to learn more about it.

 Grammar Roll A Sentence Game Boards
This pack is great for writing complete sentences and incorporate some grammar too! This pack comes with a FREEBIE. Click the picture below to be taken to the blog post about it. 
 FREE Grammar Roll a Sentence

 Edit That Text Task Cards for revising sentences
Need some extra editing practice? This pack includes 36 task cards that help students write complete sentences. These task cards work on spelling, punctuation, noun/verb agreement, and complete sentences. These sentences are in fun text messages. I made the clip art in this pack. Here is my Clip Art Store: Clip Factory

Red, Write, and Blue has students revising and rewriting sentences. All sentences are about America and around the 4th of July! This pack is perfect for 1st-3rd grade readers and writers. Students should be able to find errors in the sentence and know how to fix it. Then, students rewrite the sentences making all the corrections. I also made the clip art in this pack too!

 Free Editing Marks Sheet
Here is a FREE Editing Marks sheet for 2nd-4th graders. This only has 10 of the most used marks for primary writing. These are easy to remember and very kid friendly. It also has a few friendly reminders below to help students shine. Students will be able to edit their own work and maybe help a classmate out and edit theirs as well. These are perfect for writing folders. P.S. I also made the clip art! 
Try this Revising Sentence pack in the winter holiday theme:
 Holiday Revising Sentences
 FREE 4 Kinds of Sentences Free 4 Kinds of Sentences Posters
Freebie! 4 Kinds of Sentences Posters. One poster shows the sentences of Statement, Command, Question, and Exclamation. The other poster shows the sentences of Declarative, Imperative, Interrogative, and Exclamatory.
Hang the posters on your Language Arts Wall or use when teaching a mini lesson on the 4 Kinds of Sentences.

 4 Kinds of Sentences Pack has a ton of ideas and is full of sentences.
I have also created 2 activity packs to go along with each of the 4 Kinds of Sentences. Each pack includes an engaging lesson, centers, worksheets, and activities.

Statement-Question-Command-Exclamation Packet  It includes a cooperative learning lesson to review or introduce the 4 Kinds of Sentences. There are 2 file folder centers or 2-player game. A writing activity to create a class book. It also includes a 2-4 player game to review those sentences. 
Purchase 4 Kinds of Sentence Pack (statement, questions, command, exclamation) right here at a discounted  price!

 4 Kinds of Sentences Pack
Declarative-Interrogative-Imperative-Exclamatory Pack. It includes a cooperative learning lesson to review or introduce the 4 Kinds of Sentences. It includes a file folder center or 2-player game, a writing activity to create a class book, 5 worksheets to use as classwork or assessments. It also includes a 2-4 player game to review those sentences. Click on the picture to read more about it.
Purchase 4 Kinds of Sentence Pack (declarative, imperative, interrogative, exclamatory) right here at a discounted price!

Try These: 4 Kinds of Sentences Task Cards:
Students read the sentence on the task card and decide which kind of sentence it is.
 4 Kinds of Sentences Task Cards 4 Kinds of Sentences Task Cards
For a discounted price from Teacher's Take-Out, try here:
Declarative Interrogative Imperative Exclamatory
Statement Question Command Exclamation

 Complete or Fragment Sentences Task Cards
Complete or Fragment? Students practice picking out complete or fragment sentences in this cute little pack. Students identify the complete sentences and rewrite the incomplete sentences. These are great for reading or writing centers. This pack also includes a black and white copy of the task cards. 
 40 Spelling Task Cards
Need some help with spelling words? These two spelling packs listed will help students study their spelling words. The task cards are easy to set up at a center. Students can practice their spelling words in a fun way. There are over 40 ideas to have some fun with their list of spelling words. The worksheets below are for 20 words. These are perfect to send home in an instant or even for your early finishers. 
 Spelling Worksheets for 20 Words
 Spelling Worksheets using 10 Words Spelling Worksheets using 15 Words
 HFW Spelling List for words 1 to 300
Need some spelling lists? Here are the first 300 HFW (High Frequency Words) separated by groups of 10 words. Students may be able to read the first 300 words, but can they spell them too?

Each spelling lists has students writing the words, putting them in ABC order, putting them in categories, and writing two sentences. Click the picture to learn more about it. 

Spelling Games and Centers are for 2nd-5th grade classrooms. This pack is loaded with over 25 games to play or use the activities at a spelling center.  Click the picture to see a preview and read more about it. 

 Here is a blog post to help you teach and implement those spelling words:
 Teaching Tips for Weekly Spelling Words
Here is a blog post about improving writing skills. Click the picture on the left to read more about it.

You can also find these writing resources above at my blog store. I offer all these products at a discounted price. Just click the picture on the left to be taken to my store.

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