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Long and Short Vowel Games and Centers- Free Poster!

 Long and Short Vowel Games and Centers
Long and Short Vowel Games and Centers will help your students will be able to distinguish long vowel sounds from short vowel sounds.

This pack includes 18 short vowel words and 18 long vowel words for EACH vowel sound! Use these task cards for games and centers that are included in this pack. Also included are 3 worksheets for EACH vowel sound. Use the worksheets for added practice or as assessments. Each vowel sound comes with a T-Chart and some recording sheets for the games and centers. Also, everything comes in a black and white copy. 
Here are some examples for Vowel A:
 Long and Short Vowel Games and Centers Long and Short Vowel Games and Centers Long and Short Vowel Games and Centers
 Long and Short Vowel Games and Centers Long and Short Vowel Games and CentersLong and Short Vowel Sounds Games and Centers
This Vowel Pack has 5 Games and Centers for EACH vowel sound. 
 Free Long and Short Vowel Poster
Freebie! Long and Short Vowel Poster. This poster is a reminder for students to distinguish between the long and short vowel sound. It also comes in a black and white copy. This little poster is Free on this blog only. Click the picture to get your FREE Short/Long Poster.
 Free long and short vowel poster

 cvc anc cvce words
Here is another Freebie! This little sheet has students reading words as they switch back and forth between the long and short vowel sounds. This is perfect for listening to students read in a small group or for students to read with a partner at a reading center. Click the picture for the cvc/cvce sheet.

 Making Words with Word Lists
Need more vowel resources? Here is a quick and easy reading center for using long and short vowel sound, Making Words with Word Lists. There are a total of 20 word lists. Students try to make as many words as they can from the list. They need to match a blend of letters on the left to match with a vowel sound on the right of the list.

 Blends and Digraph Games
Here's another phonics resource you don't want to miss, Blends and Digraph Games and Centers. This pack includes a set of short and a set of long vowel words. This pack includes 6 games with a focus on blends and digraph sounds.

 Blends and Digraph Games

 Word Puzzles using onset and rime
Word Puzzles have a pack of 40 worksheets to practice making "real" words while being able to practice vowel sounds. These are easy to set up for a reading center. Students Cut and Paste letters around the sheet to make words. Click here for a FREE trial of this pack.

Non-Sense Words is a fun little assessment that can be turned into a game or center and students practice reading long and short vowel words. This is will help you see which students need work and which vowels.

You do not want to miss out on these cute worksheets and games for Silent e words.
 100 Silent e Sentences!
 Silent e Worksheets Silent e Games

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