Free Snakes and Ladders using HFW Fry 1-25 Words

Do you like to play Chutes and Ladders? I have a similar game using High Frequency Words! Your students will squeal with delight while playing this game and learning their HFW. I have a free sample from my Snakes and Ladders HFW Games pack. This freebie uses the Fry HFW List for words 1-25.  This is a fun way to read HFW!

Free Snakes and Ladders HFW Game
The game is played like "Chutes and Ladder" but with a twist! When students land on a word, they say the word aloud and put it in a sentence. Perfect for practicing to read these words and making complete sentences. If the student reads the word correctly, they move up the ladder. But be careful of the snakes. If you land on its head, you'll have to slide down the snake. Your students will beg you to play this game over and over. Click on the Game Board Picture above to download your Free Snakes and Ladder HFW Game Board for words 1-25! 

 Snakes and Ladders HFW Games
If you want the complete set 1-200 HFW's click the picture. The complete set includes 8 game boards with 25 words on each board using the Fry words 1-200.

You can find Snakes and Ladders right here for a discounted price:

Snakes and Ladders also come in Dolch HFW and Vowel Sounds!
 Snakes and Ladders Dolch HFW Snake and Ladders Vowel Sound Games

 HFW Lists and Assessments
Do you need to see where your students are on a reading level? This pack, High Frequency Words List and Assessments, can help you keep track of your students reading level. This pack lists HFW 1-1000. It has a list of 100 words on each page and an assessment sheet to keep track of your students 5 times in the year. It also includes lists that have 10 words on each list. This would be great for younger students. Place the lists on rings. Students pick up a list and practice reading. These HFW Lists and Assessments will be great in a K-5th grade classroom. This list is great for reading and spelling lists. Click the picture to read more about it.

ABC Order to the 1st letter uses the first 100 High Frequency Words. Students will be able to read their  words and put them in ABC order. These words are perfect for 1st and 2nd grade classrooms. Click the picture to see this pack up close. 

Here are some classroom resources to help teach HFW Words:
Sight Words Search Book
Sight Words Pizza Game
Sight Words Posters and Flashcards
Sight Words Posters
Sight Word Poems
Word Racer Game
Dolch Flash Cards
Sight Words Flash Cards
Swat a Sight Word Game
Sight Words Readers

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