Free Non Fiction Organizer

 Free Non Fiction Graphic Organizer
Free Non-Fiction Organizer. This graphic organizer is perfect for summarizing non-fiction articles like classroom news readers from Scholastic or Weekly Reader. (any non fiction article will work)

Students write the article's name or main idea in the topic.
Vocabulary: Students write the bold words and their definitions.
Facts: Students write some facts about the article.
Questions: Students write some questions about the article or even questions they still might have.
Opinions: Students write their opinion about the article giving at least one reason why they feel that way.

Click the picture to download this freebie.

 Book Talk and Reports
Need more graphic organizers? Book Talk has several versions for reading fiction and non-fiction material. Book Talk also has book reports, reading activities, and some fun reading logs. Check it out. It's perfect for 2nd and 3rd graders.

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