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 FREE My Interesting Tidbit A Back to School Activity
I have a fun activity to do on "Open House" night or the 1st Day of School. Have students fill out an "Interesting Tidbits" sheet about themselves. They write one thing or tidbit that others might not know about them. For example some students might write, "I have 5 dogs.", "I have 4 brothers and sisters.", or "My dad is in the army."  Nothing personal should be shared. Collect all the sheets and read them the following day. The students have to guess who the interesting tidbit belongs to. This is a fun way to get to know students in the classroom. Aftering reading and sharing them aloud with other students, I gather them together and make a classbook. The Interesting Tidbit book is placed in our classroom library to be read over and over.

This activity was beneficial in many ways. One way, students were busy writing their tidbit while I was busy meeting parents, and their parents were filling out classroom forms. The second way this was beneficial to me, I got to assess my student's writing ability before getting to know them. I could tell a lot about my students just by reading their sentence and looking at their writing. I could see who could write a complete sentence and who was having trouble with their writing. All of this was great knowledge of my students before meeting them. Plus, it's a fun activity to do with students by reading them and they guess who the tidbit belongs to.

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