White Board Activity #1

White Boards Activity Number Sense
Welcome to the 1st Whiteboard Activity Post! I will be writing a series of fun activities you can do with your students using whiteboards. 

This activity is all about Number Sense. It shows its true colors. You will be able to see which students have number sense, know their place value, and those that understand simple addition and subtraction skills. All three of these skills are tools students need in math to understand everyday math concepts.

To see which students have number sense, start with card number 1:

You, the teacher, reads the card to the students as the students add and subtract until they are at the final number. Did everyone land at the final number? if not, what happened? Did they add instead of subtract? Are they using their fingers? Did they miscount? Are they using their ones and tens correctly? Try another card to see if students are landing at the correct final number. This download has 8 numbers to try. You can use your own numbers to keep this going. This is a great activity to do even if you have 5 extra minutes to spare. 

This activity can be used for a quick math lesson or for small group time. You can use different types of numbers like 2 digits and 3 digits. You can even use multiplication and division. 

Click the Whiteboard Activity, picture at the top, to download this FREE activity and idea. Just print. 

Do you need more number sense? Try Number Ladders! I have 3 different types of adding and subtracting numbers. Single Digit (pink ladder), 2 Digit orange ladder), or 1s, 10s, and 100s brown ladder). Number Ladders are great to keep number sense sharp throughout the school year. Place these at math centers or use for whiteboard activities. 

Let me show you how Number Ladders work. You start at the bottom of the ladder. This ladder, above, says start at 10. Students move up the ladder, adding and subtracting along the way. When they reach the top of the ladder, they must be at a certain number. If the student is not at the correct number when they reach the top of the ladder, they will need to go back and check their work or do it again.

Click here to see another blog post about Number Ladders for Math. 

Here are some resources that might help you teach number sense. I linked them to Amazon to make it easy for you to view. 
Number Sense Routines K-3
Number Sense Routines 3-5
Number Sense Flash Cards
Number Boards

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