Free Spring Break Writing

Do you have your students write about their spring break when they return to school? Here is a personal writing freebie idea for you that is ready to go. Just click and print!
Spring Break Writing
Web with the students about some events that happened to them over break so they can get their writing juices flowing. Pick one event from the web and write about it together. Write a topic sentence, three statements in order using first, second, and third, and end it with a closing statement. 

Then let students write about one event that happened to them over the break using the method above. The FREEBIE includes a planning sheet to help students organize their thoughts. Once students have been edited, they can write their final copy in their writing journals or on another writing sheets. 
Click the picture above for your freebie!
Personal Narratives
Do you need more personal narrative writing prompts? This pack has 30 prompts to inspire students to write about their experiences. Each prompt comes with a graphic organizer to help students organize their writing. Just click the picture on the left to read more about it.
Personal Narrative writing prompt

Here is a blog post I wrote about how to write a personal narrative. Click the link below to read more about personal narratives. You will be able to pick up another freebie for writing personal narratives!

Try this Pinterest Board already full of Spring ideas to use in your classroom:
Spring Resources
Hope your Spring Break was restful! 
This freebie will help you get back in the groove with ease.

See you soon, 

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