Main Idea Game or Center

Are you teaching main idea? Do you find it difficult to teach? I have found that students need a ton of practice when looking for the main idea of a passage or story. I have some resource that are easy to implement and may help.

 Main Idea Game or Center
Here is a fun idea to reinforce Main Idea! This pack has 30 short passages that students read and tell what the Main Idea is of the passage and chooses the answer from a multiple choice answers. Students can use this at a reading center or for a 2-4 player game. Players move around the game board while reading a short paragraph and telling the main idea. Use the recording sheet to record answers. All the paragraphs are about the cats going to the beach. 

 Main Idea, Topic Sentences, or Inference Task Cards
Here is a pack of 30 task cards that can be used for main idea, topic sentence, or as an inference lesson. Students read the 4 sentences on each task card. They write the main idea for each task card. This pack has a wide variety of ideas to use for main idea. 

Here are some resources you may like while teaching main idea:
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