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Reading Strategies can help young readers learn how to read better. When students have strategies to help them, they begin to feel confident and know what to do when they run into trouble when reading independently. I have 18 strategies, listed below, that can guide students on what "Good Readers" do when they are reading. Most reading programs provide a list of ideas that they will focus on for each story or lesson. Use the posters when focusing on a reading strategy or skill. Focus on one strategy at a time and practice each one before learning a new strategy. 
 18 Reading Posters for Reading Strategies
These look so cute on black construction paper and hung on a reading wall. Students always have reminders on reading strategies to help them read when they get stuck. Also great for a visual when teaching these reading strategies.

The 18 reading posters included in this set are:
Making Connections          Using Prior Knowledge
Predictions                       Reread to Understand    
Find a Purpose                  See What They Read         
Summarize                       Sequence
Read With Fluency            Look at Word Bits          
Use Context Clues            Use Phonics                     
Self-Correct                     Reread Aloud
Ask Questions                  Read Ahead
Make Inferences               
Know the Difference Between Fiction and Non-Fiction

Here are some examples:
 Make and Confirm Predictions  Good Readers Think About the Purpose
You can find these posters right here for a discounted price:

Here are more reading strategy ideas to use in your classroom:
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