Friday, June 7, 2013

What Good Readers Do - Posters

18 posters that display what "Good Readers" do when reading or learning to read. Use the posters when focusing on a reading strategy or skill.

These look so cute on black construction paper and hung on a reading wall. Students always have reminders on reading strategies to help them read when they get stuck. Also great for a visual when teaching these reading strategies.

The 18 reading posters included in this set are:
Making Connections          Using Prior Knowledge
Predictions                         Reread to Understand
Find a Purpose                   See What They read    
Summarize                         Sequence
Read With Fluency            Look at Word Bits
Use Context Clues           Use Phonics
Self-Correct                    Reread Aloud
Ask Questions                 Read Ahead
Make Inferences              Know the Difference Between Fiction and Non-Fiction

Here are some examples:
You can find these posters right here for a discounted price:

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