Prediction Lesson

When we read a story or watch a movie, we are always making predictions about what will happen next. Prediction is a guess about what is coming next. As we continue reading or watching the movie, those prediction are either confirmed or denied. Making a prediction throughout your reading is a great way to comprehend the story. Predictions are important because they help us stay active and it keeps us involved in the story. 
I have a fun making predictions activity or lesson to use in your classroom today. If you're teaching predictions or need a review on predicting, this is a fun lesson to do. You will need the book, "Bark George" by Jules Feiffer. 

 FREE Prediction Lesson
This is a cute lesson on making predictions. As you read the story, students will make predictions on what will happen next before you turn the page. Use the recording sheet to help students make predictions. Not all of our predictions will be right and it's time to show students this. None of them will guess what happens at the end of the story. Click the picture to download this lesson and begin using it today. 
 Free Prediction Lesson Free Bark George Prediction Lesson
Use the Prediction Lesson for any grade level! The ending is a surprise that no one will guess. It helps to show that it's OK that our predictions are not always right. Use the Making Prediction Anchor Chart to keep reminding students to make predictions as they read. When we make predictions it helps us comprehend the story. 

Here is the book: Bark George

 What Good Readers Do
Here are 18 posters about "What Good Readers Do" or Reading Strategies Posters to use in your classroom. Prediction is one of those reading strategies. I choose the poster that matches my lesson. The poster is posted on the whiteboard and it is the focus of the week. Next week, a new strategy is introduced.  There are a total of 18 posters included to help teach reading strategies and skills. Click the picture to see all 18 strategies and to read more about it.  

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  1. Thanks for the freebie! I look forward to using it with my students.

  2. Stacy,

    Thank you for the freebie. We are working on making predictions this coming week. Looking forward to using it.

    First Grade Schoolhouse

    1. Perfect! I'm so glad you are using it. It's a fun book.

  3. Prediction is such an important reading comprehension skill. Thanks for the freebie.

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  4. Yes predictions happen every time while watching any movie, like Nowadays I watch Voot outside India, it's really great, and also I recommed others.