Monster Math Multiplication Freebie

 Freebie! Monster Math Multiplication
Freebie! Monster Math Multiplication Freebie! Practice those multiplication facts 1-6 with this fun game.

How to play:
1. Two Players take turns rolling 2 dice.
2. The Players multiply the 2 numbers and announce the product.
3. Players cover the product  on the game board with a game piece.
4. First player to cover 4 numbers in a row, wins!

Need More Multiplication games? Monster Math is included in the Monster Multiplication Dice Games mentioned below.

 Monster Multiplication Dice Games for factors 1-6
Monster Multiplication Dice Games includes 13 game boards. Plus, each game board comes in a black and white version.  The game boards are fun and engaging. Each game board just needs two dice, some game tokens to cover the numbers, and players! These games are designed to print and play. Students will be learning and practicing their multiplication facts 1-6.
 Monster Multiplication Games
Here are more monster games that concentrate on the factors 1-10. Each game board focuses on one factor at a time. Plus there are a mix of game boards as well as missing numbers. This pack also comes in a division version as well.  

These games are set up to print and play as well. 

Here are some more multiplication resources for the classroom.
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