King Henry Math Conversion Chart

Do you need some help converting metric units? If students can remember the acronym, KHDUDCM then they can convert metric units. But how do you get your students to remember the acronym, KHDUDCM? I use the saying, King Henry Died Unexpectedly Drinking Chocolate Milk. Kids seem to remember this saying. If you wanted to know how many meters were in kilometers, you would use the chart below. 
 FREE King Henry Conversion Chart
1 kilometer is equal to 1,000 meters. Move the decimal point over 3 spaces. If you wanted to know how how many centimeters were in 6.32 millimeters. Move the decimal to the left 1 space to equal 0.632 centimeters. 

Students will not be able to use the chart during testing time. Students will need to remember the acronym to help them convert metric units.  

 FREE Converting Poster for Metric System
Here is a more updated version of the conversion chart from above. Plus, it's in a black and white version. You will also be able to copy 3 charts from 1 sheet of paper. Students can glue the downsized chart in their math journals or keep several handy to pass out when needed. Click the picture to download this chart and begin using it today. Use this chart it in your classroom or at home.

Metric Worksheets
I created a pack of worksheets using the metric system. This pack includes GRAMS, METERS, and LITERS. There are 9 worksheets for EACH metric system for a total of 27 worksheets. This pack has a TON of practice using and converting the METRIC system. Click the picture on the left to read more about it and to see a PREVIEW.

Here are some resources you may need teaching Metric Units:
Customary and Metric Poster
Metric Poster
Metric Conversion Charts
Measurements Posters

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  1. King Henry Died BY Drinking Chocolate Milk is the way I always learned and taught it -- B meaning BASE - but I love yours because a death by chocolate milk is quite unexpected indeed! I just found you on the AZ blogger linky and had to follow you as a fellow Arizona gal!
    Antonia @ forkin4th

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  5. Thx for this but I always learned this for the Metric Units in 6th grade by saying King Henry Walked Merrily Down Central Main