Spring Has Sprung and Games Are Fun!

Spring has sprung and games are fun! It's springtime which means it's time for some new games. Classroom games can improve thinking skills.

I love games! When I first started teaching, I quickly realized kids LOVE games too! They are more engaged and are involved in an activity when a game is being played. They have fun and they don't even realize they are learning either. Plus, games provide much needed practice on curriculum standards.

I have a ton of games that are educational, engaging, and challenging for your students for a variety of classrooms. 

Snakes and LaddersSnakes and Ladders Vowel Sounds GamesSpelling GamesCVCE GamesSuper Power Thinking Add 10 Games Super Power Thinking
Addition Games using DiceAdding 10 Addition Games Multiplication Dice GamesMultiplication Games using Factors 4_9Spring Games Addition 

Spring Resources on Pinterest
Here are more spring resources for you. Click the picture on the left to see all my spring resources.

Games in the Classroom
Here is a blog post on how games boost learning. Click the picture to read more about games.
Have fun playing games.
See you soon,


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