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How many of you love a math challenge? This math challenge has 2 games to play with a partner. These two fun Challenging Math game boards will keep your students engaged and practicing their math facts! I made these 2 game boards to keep the challenge going. All you need to play are game pieces and 2 players.
• To be the 1st player to land on the target number, 23. The target number is located at the top of the game board. 

How to Play:
• Decide which player will go first.
• Player One places one of their game pieces on any number on the game board and announces the number out loud. Player Two places one of his game pieces on another number and adding it to Player One’s number and announces the sum out loud.
o For example: Player One places a game piece on number 3 and says, “3”. Player Two places his game piece on number 1 and says, “4”. Player One places a game piece on number 2 and says, “6”.
• Play continues as players keep adding the number until the 1st player reaches the exact number, 23.

• Start at 23 and subtract the numbers until a player reaches the number 1.

Play on this game boards the same way but with a different target number of 31.
Many students love a challenge! Once they start thinking outside the box, they will be exercising the brain to think in different ways and learn to solve problems. I have  another fun math challenge for younger students. Keep reading below to read more about Super Power Thinking Games.

Super Power Thinking Math Games will have students adding numbers, then adding 10 more to that number, and then subtracting numbers to find the answer on the game board. These games are wild with strategy. Not only do you need to win, but you must prevent your opponent from winning too. Students will be able to do all the math in their head with practicing to add and subtract by using number sense. Check out this blog post to pick up a FREE game of Super Power Thinking game! Click the pictures above to learn more about the games above. Both sets are the same, they just come in 2 different themes; superhero kids or superhero zebras.  

I found some cool challenging math games on Amazon that you may be interested in learning more about and giving your students more of a challenge. Click below to check them out:

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