FREE Multiplication Table

If students do not know their multiplication or division facts, try this fact table to help complete problems. This FREE Multiplication Table are for factors 0-12. This table can help students solve multiplication or division facts with ease! 

Just click on the picture to download it for FREE!
 FREE Multiplication Fact Table
To find the product for 4x5, move over the top row to the number 4 and follow down with your finger to the number 5. There you should find the product 20.

You can also use this table to play some multiplication games! Just click below on the version you need the most help with. Dice games use facts 1-6 and Card games use facts 4-9. 
 Multiplication Games for factors 4 to 9 Multiplication Dice Games
 Division Games

Multiplication and Division Fact Drills
Do your students need to practice their multiplication and division facts? I have a set of 64 drills to ensure your students start memorizing their multiplication and division facts. This pack has 30 facts on each 1/2 sheet. Each sheet is separated by individual facts. Click on the picture to read all the facts that are included in this pack. 

 Multiplication and Division Word Problems
Here is a set of multiplication and division word problems. There are 30 task cards. These task cards can be placed at a math center along with a recording sheet. Students work at their own pace practicing word problems. This pack uses only facts 1-10. 

 Monster Multiplication Games
Monster multiplication and division board games require NO PREP at all. Just print. All you need are dice and tokens. These game boards are separated by facts. If students need to work on multiplying by 3s, use the 3's board to reinforce those skills. These games are great for early finishers or to send home for homework. You can purchase them separately or in a bundle to save money.

 Super Multiplication Worksheets
Here is a pack of 50 multiplication worksheets. These worksheets have a superhero theme. All you have to do is print and these worksheets are ready to go. These worksheets also come in division facts. Click the picture on the left to read more about it.

Here are the division worksheets too!
 Division Worksheets Superhero Theme

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Click below for more multiplication and division resources:


  1. Thank you! The ones we were using were really outdated and not cute at all. This is very cute!

    1. I was tired of my old one too. I'm so glad you found something to use. Thank you for the feedback!

  2. The positive energy here is a breath of fresh air, thank you! Ready for a game that'll have you laughing out loud while honing your shooting skills? Funny Shooter 2 is where it's at!