Friday, February 15, 2013

FREE Multiplication Table

 FREE Multiplication Fact Table
A FREE Multiplication Table for factors 0-12 is available here. This table can help students solve multiplication facts with ease! This table also works for division.

Just click on the picture to download it for FREE!

To find the product for 4x5, move over the top row to the number 4 and follow down with your finger to the number 5. There you should find the product 20.

You can also use this table to play some multiplication games! Just click below on the version you need the most help with. Dice games use facts 1-6 and Card games use facts 4-9. 

 Multiplication Games for factors 4 to 9 Multiplication Dice Games

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Click below for more multiplication and division resources:


  1. Thank you! The ones we were using were really outdated and not cute at all. This is very cute!

    1. I was tired of my old one too. I'm so glad you found something to use. Thank you for the feedback!