Thanksgiving Compare and Contrast Freebie

Learning to compare and contrast is one of the first things we learned to do. It's easy for young students to point out differences. It may not be so easy to find things that are the same or equal. When we compare or contrast pictures, we point out what is different or the same about the picture. Comparing and contrasting can be done with pieces of writing or stories too. When students compare and contrast they are helping their memory skills which will increase comprehension. Students usually use a Venn Diagram to compare. Use the Venn Diagram in the free resource below. 

Above is a freebie to use for some comparing and contrasting during the Thanksgiving holiday. There are 2 different Thanksgiving images included. Students can use the Venn Diagram to compare the pictures or use the writing paper to write complete sentences to tell what is different or the same. Click the pictures below to download this FREEBIE and begin using it this holiday season.  

Compare and Contrast Writing
Here is a set of 24 Compare and Contrast writing prompts for everyday to use any time of the year. This pack comes with worksheets and task cards. There is a ton of variety in this pack to last you all year long. Click the picture on the left to read more about it. 

Here are some Venn Diagram resources I found on Amazon that I thought you might like for your classroom too!

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