Free Thanksgiving Meal Worksheet

 Free Thanksgiving Meal
Freebie! This word problem freebie has students calculating a Thanksgiving meal. Students use their number sense as they add and subtract money! Use this worksheet for classwork or homework. If this activity is too hard, students could use calculators to find their answers. Click the picture to the left to download your freebie.
 Word Problem Worksheets
Here is a pack of 20 more worksheets just like the freebie above. These are great for real world situations, adding and subtracting money, and word problems skills. 

Use these worksheets for homework, classwork, or as part of your lesson. 

 Turkey Pie Fractions has task cards and worksheets in this fun turkey theme
I also have Turkey Pie Fractions. This pack is all about fractions with a turkey theme. You'll find task cards and worksheets to read, name, compare, order, and write fractions. 

 Turkey Pie Fractions Clip Art
I also made the turkey clipart! Visit my store to use these cute turkeys in your classroom!

Happy Thanksgiving!
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 Fall Resources for the Classroom
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 word problems
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