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How do you round numbers? Do any of your students or children ask you this question? Rounding can be a challenge for those students who do NOT have some kind of number sense. In order to round numbers, students need to know place value and have some kind of number sense. 

I have a fun little saying that will help anyone round a little bit easier and faster. See if your students can do this:

Find your place. Look right next door.
4 or less just ignore. 5 or more just add 1 more.

For example, using the number 328.
If rounding to the tens, they find the tens place, which is the number 2. They look at the number next door on the right, which is the 8. If the 8 is 5 or more, which in this case it is, they add 1 more. So the 2 in the tens place becomes 1 more which is a 3. So the number rounded is 330.

I have a FREE Fall Rounding Game that all you need are the game boards, some dice, some game tokens, and some players! Just print the game boards and you are ready to start practicing some rounding. There are 3 game versions included; rounding to tens, hundreds, or thousands. If you are rounding to the nearest ten, you will need two dice. If you are rounding to the nearest hundred, you will need 3 dice, and so on.

Players roll and round as they move around the board. The 1st player to the Winner's box is the winner! Click the picture below to download it right here on my blog or click here to see it in my TPT store. FREE Fall Rounding Game:

Need more rounding practice this fall? Try these packs at your math center or small group time. These pack have task cards to use at centers or for playing games. Worksheets are also included to help rounding. These FALL packs come in 2-digit, 3-digits, and 4-digits. Each pack has a cute fall theme. 
Here are some of what's included in these fun, fall packs. Pictured below are images from my 3-digit number pack. Click the pictures below to be taken to my TPT store to see the 3-digit fall rounding pack. Each pack includes task cards, game boards, and worksheets. 

Here is a older blog post about rounding. Click the link below to see more rounding ideas. 

Click here to see a blog post about place value. This blog post has free place value mats which might make rounding easier. 

Here are some rounding ideas I found on Amazon. I linked them to Amazon to make it easier for you to view.

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