Monday, January 7, 2019

Super Fractions and a Free Worksheet

 Super Fractions Worksheets
I created this pack of Super Fractions which includes 45 worksheets all about fractions! This superhero theme makes these worksheets engaging and super fun! 

If you are a 2nd or 3rd grade teacher, this is a great pack to fit the needs of all your students. Plus this pack is a great supplement to your own fraction unit. 

These handy little worksheets are perfect for beginners and those that need a good review of fractions. You can find pages like comparing, ordering, naming fractions, fraction of a set, and word problems. This pack also uses like and unlike denominators. The worksheets can be used during your fraction unit, sent home for homework, for assessments, or place at your math centers for early finishers. 

To see if this pack is the right fit for your classroom, download the FREE worksheet below. 

 FREE Fraction Worksheet
Click here to try a FREE worksheet from the Super Fractions pack from above. Click and download this assessment worksheet to see how well your students do with fractions. If your students pass this fraction assessment, then you do not need the pack above. But, if your students cannot pass or have trouble with the fractions in this assessment, you might want to think about getting the Super Fractions Worksheets.

Click the FREE fraction worksheet to download today and use in your classroom.
 Free Super Fractions Worksheet

I love fractions! I've created a few more fraction resources. Click on the picture below to read more about each one. 

 Fraction of a Set Task Cards Improper Mixed Fractions Simplify Fractions Task Cards
 Cooking Up Some Fractions Word Problem Task Cards Compare and Order Fractions  Fractions on a Number Line Task Cards
 Add and Subtract Fractions with unlike demominators Add and Subtract Fractions using Like Denominators Turkey Pie Fractions Task Cards and Worksheets Pizza Pie Fractions Task Cards and Worksheets Candy Jar Fractions Task Cards Would You Rather Fractions. Fun Task Cards to Compare Fractions.

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Here's to super fractions!
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